Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sorry it's taken so long to post, but the last 10 days have been crazy!! I won't go into detail of a play by play, but to summarize...trip home for Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, birthday, marriage, soccer awards, Christmas concert #1, soccer tournament, first basketball game, Christmas parade, Christmas decorating and many other little things. On top of all that, work is crazy. Lots of parties and weddings coming up!

Soooo...over the next week I will post lots of pics but short on details to keep from boring anyone!! I know you all come for the pictures anyway!!!!

These first pictures are of Tucker and his coach when he received his Soccer trophy Thursday night. He had a new team and new coach since he moved up an age group. We were very blessed with a Wonderful new team.

When we got back home Saturday, which was my birthday, the boys had a cake and icecream for me. It was yummy Strawberry, my FAVE!

I received some wonderful gifts from everyone..pajamas from my Aunt and Uncle, HLobby gift card from Dad, clothes and jewelry from Mom, fun acrylic stamps from MIL, and a picture frame and crown vase from my best friend! Thanks so much everyone...I love you all!
Well, I really should have planned posting those pictures better. I didn't want mine to be first...
Anways, keep checking back for more pics, lots to show you.
Hugs and have a great week and enjoy the Season!

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cindy said...

Awwwww, Happy Beltated Birthday Honey!