Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Festival of Trees

Keyton was one of a few who was asked to perform at the Festival of Trees Friday night. The community (schools, classes, grades, organizations, churches, businesses, etc.) decorate trees and then donate them to be auctioned off. The money goes toward the R.O. Teachers Educational fund which I guess is used for scholarships. The trees are on display for 3 days along with visits with Santa, baked goods for sale, and crafts for the kids.
I'm not really liking the photographic opportunities these band events (remember football game pics?) provide. Keyto, playing the trombone, is always in the back and hard to see. Tonight he had his Christmas concert at the school and this time I couldn't even see him unless the girl next to him leaned back and moved her instrument and Keyton leaned back (which is totally not going to happen while playing). Sooo, no pics from tonight, but they did an awesome job.

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Pam said...

A VP musician! Great job on your musical talent! Keep up the great work!