Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun Saturday!

My boys took me here first thing Saturday!

It was amazing. I have been wanting to go check out "The Red Shed".
My BFF mentioned the place to me, then I ran into their blog while blog hopping one fine day!
Their blog has lots of fabulous treats!

This past Saturday was their "Special Sale" that they only have four times a year.

The ladies were so nice and helpful. We (Brent even) got lots of fun ideas for our backyard.

I found a pretty vintage lampshade like I have been wanting.
I will take off the fabric and decorate with ribbon and vintage ephemera.
I also found a cute little two drawer utensil type holder thing-a-ma-jig.
Downtown Grapevine was a delight and I think next time I may grab a girlfriend or two and stroll through more of the downtown stores and sights.

We then took Brando to Rosa's Cafe for his birthday lunch. There isn't one within 45 min. of us. It's one of our top 5 restaurants we miss from Lubbock.

Brent gave us an unexpected, unplanned tour of downtown Dallas which included Highland Park and SMU. I love to see what all is hidden in downtown Dallas. We are always on the main highway/interstate and in a hurry to baseball or soccer, so there's never much time to just explore. I always wonder where taking one of those less busy/popular exits will take us. I know there is so much more around here to see and do than what is in our little corner of North Texas. It was fun and interesting. The homes in Highland Park are amazing!!

I hope you had a fun and adventurous weekend too!

Hugs, K

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sophomore, 7th, & 2nd

Keyton had to be at school for football at 6:15 on the FIRST day.
Needless to say we went to football for the first three days and have now gotten the heck outta there! We tried to warn him, but sometimes they have to see for themselves.
Keyton just is not a football kinda kid (actually none of mine are).
Tuck in his new shoes!
Their school is all uniforms, so they really look foward to wearing their new shoes.

and new backpack.
Tuck doesn't like all the bells and whistles of a traditional much trouble to unzip, unclip, etc. So, for the 2nd year he has ordered a soccer knap sack.
Last year it was Argentina, this year Mexico!
He has a very nice teacher, Mrs. Pack

And Brandan, what more do I need to say.
He is looking foward to Fall Baseball with the High School players.

I delivered cookies to Tuck's elementary for the office staff.
Chocolate chip and Oatmeal Scotties

All the boys had a great week.
I know it will be another successful year for all.
I found out last week that I will be subing for the school district, so I am looking foward to that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My sweet Brandan Allen!
We are so so so proud of you and the young man you are turning into!
Have a wonderful day!
Love ya bunches,
Mom, Dad, Keyto and Tuck
A few little tidbits about B:
Sophomore this year!!
Passion for baseball ... and very talented if I do say so myself :)
Started talking in sentences at 18 months
Loves his puppy...Wally
Great Big Brother
1st Grandson in our family
Compassion for others
Very chatty
Amazing smile
Great sense of humor...loves to tease
makes A's and B's
did I say talkative??
All in all, he is one of a kind and holds a special place in anyone's heart who knows him.
(this is his first day of school pic, more to come)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cat Nappin'

Boys were gone last week (to Nana & Papa's), so while I was trying to get some stitchin' done,
Dudley decided to get some nappin' done on my stitchin'!
Hugs, K

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is it a ROSE or...

It is so beautiful with it's many frilly petals! I would almost swear it's a rose if I didn't know better!!
It's a Hibiscus, and I wish I knew the exact species because I would buy lots more!
I bought the plant a year ago this last spring and it was blooming when I bought it.
Last summer, the buds kept getting infested with bugs and no spray would keep them off.
I brought it in during the winter, while it struggled just to keep leaves.
This spring I put it back outside praying no bugs "bugged" it!
This is the pay off!! It took this long to bloom again and the full bloom only lasts a day.
Luckily, there are multiple blooms coming up each day!
Don't ya just love it???

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary Babe...

Today is our
17th Anniversary
and Brent has been singing that song to me ALL DAY long!!
very cute though...
We were married 17 years ago, outside, at sunrise with the squirrels running around and birds singing in the background. It was a beautiful morning and the sun was shining bright.
My bouquet was made of Gerber Daisies in pink and yellow.
Our reception was a brunch that was topped off with wedding cake layers of
Strawberry (mine) and Italian Cream (his)!
Here we are 3 houses, 2 cities, 8 jobs (mostly me), 3 KIDS, 6 dogs, 6 cats, 5 vehicles, 7 schools, unlimited baseball teams, soccer teams, and basketball teams, 3 football teams (our kids least favorite sport to play), unlimited lessons learned, very few regrets, amazing family and friends along the way and ENDLESS wonderful MEMORIES later!
"Life is an amazing journey, not a destination"
(not sure who author is...)
Hope your day is full of happiness, hugs, and singing like mine!
Hugs, K
(our boys took the pic, pretty good job, huh? this is one of about 4 photos.
i need to crop, but this computer doesn't have photo shop)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We had a little incident at our house yesterday...Tuck got his first burn and it was devastating let me tell you!! I had fixed grill cheese sandwiches for all the boys plus the neighbor friend. They, along with Brent were all standing in the kitchen around the island and stove area. I was finished cooking and was cleaning up. Our stove is electric so when you turn off the burner, a light stays on that says hot stove top. I told all the boys, since they were so close by and have a tendency at a second's notice to take off into a game of tag or hide and seek, that the stove was still hot!
I went upstairs to get ready for a mean game of CARS on the PS3 which I had been promising Tuck. I was in the hall and Tuck came up crying, Brent was freakin' out thinking that Tuck was crying because of one of his brothers was giving him a hard time or something. Once I finally was able to interpret between sobs and him holding his hand funny, that he had stuck his hand on the STOVE!
You know, when you touch something hot, it takes a second to feel it and by then you are burned, BAD. Poor Tuck! I just didn't know what to do to make him feel better. All my books just said cool water. No ointments, salves, creams, nothing! So he sat with his hand in a cup of water, took tylenol, and watched Madegascar 2. I read to him, anything to take his mind off the pain. I felt so useless. You know they look to us Moms to "make it better". Usually we can, but with a burn all it takes is time. By late afternoon, he was playing hide and seek in the house and all was better. Today it has blistered a little and since I told him not to bust the blisters, he is all paranoid about it and asks me every few minutes if one has busted!!
I am just glad he is better. Broke my heart to see him in such pain. I don't think he has ever felt pain that bad before. I think it too him by surprise.
(you can see the blisters on the bottom section of his fingers, his thumb and the top section of his palm. we still don't know what he was doing and how he avoided getting them on the tips)
Hope you are having a great week!