Thursday, December 11, 2008

2008 Ornaments

We always get the boys an ornament each year to add to our hodge podge tree. I have never had a themed tree. We enjoy unwrapping the ornaments every year and remembering where and why we picked that ornament. A lot of our ornaments are also handmade by the boys at school or art class.

This year we stopped by our favorite Christmas store while we were at home and picked ornaments for ALL of us!
Tucker's is a soccer trophy. Soccer is his favorite sport.
Keyton's is a Kansas basketball. Brandan thought Keyto should have had ESP and KNOWN this was the one he was going to pick, but Keyto must have missed a brain wave because he got it first!
Brandan's after much deliberation and searching is a Yankee Baseball jersey, which actually fits him better since he loves the Yankees and Baseball.
Brent's of course if UT Football. Perfect!
And Mine is a blinged out Baseball. I have always said if I was going to have all boys I would find some way to incorporate the color pink and or bling! I love it, wish they made it in earrings!!
Have a happy day!
p.s. I'll explain the tree in the next post!

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Pam said...

Its always fun picking out favorite ornaments. I have some way back when the boys were young!