Sunday, December 21, 2008

Little Christmas Cheer

Friday I took off since it was the boys last day of school before winter break. Tucker had his Christmas party and as room mother I was in charge of the festivities. We decorated foam Christmas frames, ate hot dogs, chips/dip, cookies, played musical books for lively book exchange, passed out Tuck's famous Pretzel Hugs (recipe to follow) and magic reindeer food. It was a fun time by all the sugared up, excited beyond belief little 1st graders! That is his teacher, Mrs. Thompson. We love her!!

After all the boys were home from school we took them to Target so THEY could finish up their Christmas shopping and then we had dinner at Olive Garden before Tuck's basketball practice.
Saturday we had two basketball games. Keyto won his and Tuck's team only lost by 2 points and it was a great game. Keyton's team still doesn't have uniforms, so hopefully after the first of teh year I will have some pics of him. Tuck and I then went to Wally World in search of a Gingerbread house. After much inquiry and digging we found one...thank goodness! He looks foward to this every year and does a great job.
We have a buddy spending the night so I'm off to get their pizza ready.

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Pam said...

Looks like a fun time!!