Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The best thing about living here

is the Bluebonnetts. I meant to post this back in April. It was so nice every morning on my drive to work to see these fields of bluebonnets. It is surprising all the great wildflowers that keep coming up and taking the place of the previous. At first is was the bb, then some yellow and pink started coming up.

All my flowers are doing great. They love the humidity! I will take some pics of my flowers this weekend.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Keyto Birthday, Part 2

Sorry for the delay in part 2 of the birthday pics! He is opening his present from us... a Zune!
HEB did the coolest electric guitar cake. He had all his friends there except one who was in Louisiana.
Good grief! I changed that picture and posted it time right and one time wrong! Sorry! We are having a traumatic night! NO WATER, NONE, WHATSOEVER! No cooking, no cleaning, no bathroom, no baths, no watering flowers, NADA! Word is a water line was broken by someone!
Oh well, three day weekend coming up. I will stay focused on that!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Keyto's Birthday, Part I

Last Thursday my Keyto turned 11!! I can't believe it. Seems like yesterday we were sitting on the couch snuggling. Every morning when he would wake up I would get him out of his crib and we would sit on the couch for about 30 min. and snuggle. He didn't use actual words for quite a while. Brando and I just knew what he wanted depending on the tone he used when he said "Bamamama" I think it was a combo of something and mama. He had the fattest little cheeks and feet. He was and still is definately Mom's Boy.

I am so proud of you Keyto! You are growing into a wonderful young man. Love ya, Mom

So anyway, I am dividing up the birthday festivities and pics because there are so many. We ate at Chili's on Thursday (after guitar practice) and were lucky enough that my Best Friend, Trista and her Mom were here to share it with us. The Chili's waiters sang to Keyto and he turned a beautiful shade of Red. Then we went home to Chocolate Cupcakes. He got his present from us that morning...a ZUNE! He loves it.

Nite Nite

Monday, May 5, 2008

FC Dallas

Last week the boys had a chance to attend a little clinic and autographing with the FC Dallas soccer team. They had a great time and enjoyed meeting some of the players.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Little Cowboy

Tucker had a rodeo at school about 3 weeks ago. He dressed up like a cowboy and they got to do fun activities like ride a horse, bull riding, potato sack race, and ate hotdogs for lunch. I took off work and had a great morning with him.
Here are a couple of pics of Dad's visit a couple of weeks ago. We went to a restuarant in Waxachie that is haunted! The food was wonderful. We had catfish and boy was it tasty.
More pics to come. It has been a busy spring.
Night, Night...dream about something (as Tuck says)!