Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cloudy Day

Good Morning,

It is cloudy here this morning. Maybe we will get some rain from the tropical storms today. I hope all the hurricanes and possible hurricanes don't do any damage this year and everyone is safe at home.

We are getting ready to go home for a couple of days before school starts. The boys are excited to see their grandparents and friends. I am packing and baking cookies to take with us and maybe leave some here for Brent!(wink)

I listed some of my favorite Christian books to share with you. I love the two devotional ones to keep me on track everyday. I get up every morning and spent about 20-30 minutes reading and in prayer. It has made a huge difference in my attitude toward everything! It has been a tough summer and praying and staying focused has been a blessing. The Queen of the Castle is actually a weekly devotional and also very humorous. She includes household tips, crafts and recipes.

Elizabeth George is one of my fave authors. A WOMAN AFTER GOD'S OWN HEART is my 2nd book of hers to read. She is very simple and straight to the point. She also gives a lot of examples in how to apply what she is teaching to everyday life.

We had a nice evening last night as a family. We went to eat at one of the few restaurants in town and then hurried home to watch High School Musical 2!! Even Brent loves it! It was really cute. Gotta have the soundtrack now!!!

Well, gotta go clean out the car. Hopefully will see some of you in the next day or two.
Have a super Saturday

Simple Pleasures are Life's treasures - Unknown

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Catchin' Up

I thought I would post some pics of the boys and the house.
Our new house has so many many windows! I have tried to be picky in picking out blinds or curtains. I finally found curtains for the dining room at Ikea. Man I love that place. What great prices. I am still looking for the living room and kitchen. I think I will go to Calico Corners and have some made. I just need Brent to take me (somewhere in Dallas) and see what they cost...
Okay, let me see if I can get a pic in here ... well that isn't the picture I was trying for. I must have put in the wrong number! That is Brandan at his last tournament with the Lonestars in McKinney in June.
I'm going to try again for a pic of the dining room curtains...okay finally. I think I have this figured out now.
Here is a picture of Tucker (he's on a NO shirt thing now) on a skateboard with our neighbor Brooklyn and then Keyto playing with the neighbor kids. Sorry about the sideways thing, I didn't even think to turn it!
That's all for now.

First BLOG!

Today is my first official blog. I wanted to set this up for my friends and family to keep in touch and see pics of what is going on in our little nest (for some reason I am really into birds & chicks lately)! I hope that all of you will start a blog too! I will have to learn how to post pics and all that fun stuff!

I have been fighting a crick in my neck or maybe even a pinched nerve for the last week, so I am off to town for advil and bengay. The boys need out of the house so they are going too! We will just have to stop at Sonic for a Diet Vanilla Coke, Vanilla coke and two DP's. It's about 103 here today!

Will post more later, once I figure out how to do all this.