Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year


I hope that all your dreams and wishes for 2008 come true!

I know that it is going to be a great year for the McMillion family. We have had many ups and downs in the last twelve months, but hopefully through it all we have grown and learned more about ourselves. I know that I have discovered fears and strengths I never knew I had, but then I guess that is why God puts challenges in front of us. Tomorrow I will post some of my thoughts on the New Year and what I hope to accomplish in 2008.

It has been a great weekend. We went to see Brent's parents on Saturday and had Christmas. They got the boys a Weii. So, there was lots of weii playing and shopping Sat. and Sunday. Thanks Nana and Papa for everything we appreciate you and love you for all that you did.
I came home on Sunday night (had to work Monday) and the all the boys stayed there for a little more visiting. Brent is on vacation this week.

I got to meet the Red Oak Firefighters Sunday night! Yes, it is one adventure after another for me. After my two hour drive home, I stopped at Walmart for a few essentials we needed and then home. Brent locked our door (when we left Sat.) from the garage into the house. So I got my keys out, unlocked it, let Dudley in, threw down my purse and went back into the garage to get the groceries. Well, the door shut and guess what??? It was still locked!! I went to the neighbor and he tried to open it with a card, but no luck. So went to another neighbor (hey, gotta let everyone know I was locked out) because the first neighbor didn't have ANY phones! How do they survive? Anyway, didn't know of a locksmith here in RO so neighbors thought calling the fire dept. was a good idea. You know me, I was worried they would be mad and think that was too trivial for them to mess with, but it wasn't and they were great! Came right out in their truck, no lights or sirens thank goodness. While I was discussing with one the options on getting in, another one got in! They were very cool and very nice. Didn't make me feel bad or anything! They are definately my 2007 heroes!

The boys came home this morning and it was great to see them. I was ready. I had my quiet time and was happy to see their smiling faces! Keyto has a friend over to spend the night, we have had a fire in the fireplace, had our black eyed peas, cleaned up my scrapbook table (don't know how it gets so piled up) and just chilled! It's been great!

Have a great evening and an even better year!
P.S. Brandan isn't that much taller than me, he is standing on a step! Makes me look like a little kid...
That is Tuck after his Christmas program. They put on the red noses for Rudolph!