Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rockin round the Christmas tree!

Just a few pictures of the boys decorating the Christmas tree!
I need to take a picture of it decorated, but they did a great job,
and as you can see had some silly fun while doing it.
Tuck and I got our annual Gingerbread House done too!
I would suggest making and using your own white icing though.
Every year I say I am going to do this the next year and then I forget.
It turned out really cute though.
Tuck always ends up eating some of the candy!
Only two more days!
Hugs, K

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pretzel Hugs

Friday was Tuck's Christmas party so we had to make our traditional Pretzel Hugs w/M&M's.

They are the perfect salty/sweet mixture.

The kids love them and remember them from year to the next.

He and the other two are officially out of school for 15 days!

Yippee! It's a little break for me too.



Where has the time gone?

This week we attended Keyton's Cross Country Awards Ceremony.
He did a great job for his first season. He received a medal at one of the meets.
He made some good friends and had a wonderful coach, which is saying a lot for school sports!

It seems like just yesterday we were finishing up with baseball and soccer! Now it's Christmas!

There hasn't been a lot of picture opportunities since sports finished up and the weather changed. I have been working a lot and was fortunate to get to go on a weekend retreat with the store. It was a blast and I got to work on my Christmas cards which I am really proud of this year (keep an eye on the mailbox) and a couple of other projects.

We also moved the week after Thanksgiving! That was crazy, but with Brent taking the week off, we got it all done. I am really proud of the boys and how they stepped up and did more than their share of work. I am happy to say that all the boxes are unpacked and we are completely settled in. I do have one room to paint after Christmas, but other than that it already feels more like home than the last house.

Lots more pictures coming up.

Enjoy the season this next week. I know I am this weekend. I finally have a whole weekend off and have a little list of Christmas activities to get done this weekend. I am going to enjoy each and every one of them. So far today, I have made Chex Mix, wrapped all the presents I have so far and helped Tuck decorate a Gingerbread House!
Christmas cookies are on the list for tomorrow!
Hugs, K

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tucker's team won the Championship game today!
Their whole season they went undefeated.
Looks like we have another ball player in the family!
Love my boys!
Have a marvelous week!
Hugs, K

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jesuit Cross Country Meet

As you can see (from all the blog posts) last weekend was busy busy
and I'm not even showing pics of all the baseball games!
Keyto had a meet in East Dallas by White Rock Lake.
It was really pretty at the park where they ran.

I love these pictures. It's amazing how you can be in the center of Dallas and it looks like you are in the country or in the mountains!
The sunshine coming through the trees reminded me of Rhuidoso.

Here he is finishing strong.
He always does.
He was behind the kid in red and sprinted to pass him!
The meet before this one he medaled which put him in the top 15!
Hugs, K

Fall Festival 2010

Saturday we attended Tuck's Fall Festival.
Due to the Rangers game there wasn't a lot of people in attendance, but
the highlight of the evening was the BATMAN face painting!
Good fun was had by all even though most of his friends weren't there.
Hugs, K

Storybook Characters on Parade

Last Friday was dress up day at Tuck's school.
They are to dress up as their favorite storybook character and I try to let Tuck think about this and pick his character without my help or opinions. I think it is important for him to pick out an actual character from one of his books and not just do a typical Halloween costume.
Sooo, this year he picked a new Hardy Boys book...The Missing Mit!
Doesn't he look cute???

All the kids in costume parade through out and around the school.
Unless you are a cute little butterfly and get sidetracked by the kids parading next to you!
Never fear, Tuck (and his fellow cohorts) will show you the way!

Hugs, K

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Faux HAWKS Rock!

The HAWK baseball team decided to do some team bonding last Friday!
Everyone got faux HAWKs to get ready for their Fall Ball game against
Poteet who is one of our biggest rivals.
Doesn't he look awesome!
Hugs, K

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to Baseball

Yep, Tuck is playing baseball again.

The last time he played was in the Spring of 2007 and he was 5 years old!

He is doing a great job and trying very hard.

He is one of the best base runners on the team,

but he should be after watching his big bro all these years!

Also taking after his brother in playing Left field or Center Field.
Saturday he had a double header and scored 3 runs!

Stealing to home!
Supportive Big Brother!

Cross Country

Keyton is in Cross Country this year, which is something very new for us!
I went to his 2nd meet and it was really quite exciting!
I thought we would see them start and then again at the finish, but we were actually able to see them through most of the race.

He is nearing the final stretch here...

The finish line is right in front of him. He is on the final stretch...
Notice the determination as he starts sprinting

Finish Line!
Way to go Keyto.
2 miles!

They eat nothing but granola bars and fruit before the run,
so pizza afterwards sure hit the spot!
They have a great coach (it's his first year and he is also the Asst. Softball Coach).
I'm really proud of Keyton for trying Cross Country and staying with it.
He has been fighting shin splints since day 1 and hasn't given up.
Way to go Keyto!
Hugs, K

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Keyto looking very suave I if I do say so myself!
Brandan looking very handsome!
Today is nerd day for the jr. high and high school students in preparation for Homecoming this Friday. I am really proud of the boys wanting to dress up. I can't wait to see all the outfits the kids post on FB.

Tuck wanted his pic with a "nerd" he said.
Rainy day here! :)
Hugs, K

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

I can't believe you are sixteen years old!
I am finding myself a lot more emotional with this birthday. I know you are probably thinking that couldn't be possible since I am emotional with every birthday, holiday, game, banquet, etc.
I'm not the writer that you are and so it's hard for me to express what my heart is feeling.
Just know that I love you to the moon and back!
You have great things in your future and I can't wait to see what those are.
You are becoming an amazing young man!
Your sense of humor makes me laugh everyday...
A great BIG brother...
A faithful friend...
(who never says anything negative about anyone, which I admire)
An AWESOME baseball player...

and one of the top 3 sons a Mom could be blessed with!

Stay true to yourself and always believe you can do anything.
Live the life you have imagined!
Hugs and kisses,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A New School Year has begun...

We are officially "back to school"!
The boys are doing great and seem to be happy with their teachers and schedules. We had to tweak Keyto's a little, but he is good now.
A couple of changes this school year...Keyto is doing cross country and Brandan will be driving once he gets his license on Thursday! So hard to believe he is going to be 16! Where has the time gone? This is the first year that I didn't take B to school (he went with a buddy) and also the first year that I wasn't able to pick them up from the first day. Brent was there for them so that is cool! I missed all the chatter that goes on when they first get in the car. By the time I saw them at 6:30 it was like no big deal :(
I did get to go have lunch today with Tucker for the first time this year and loved it. I enjoy seeing all his friends and all my friends that I have subbed in their classroom.
Needless to say there were lots of hugs!

Tucker has a very good teacher and several close friends in his class this year.

Lockers are outside the classroom this year and he wasn't too happy about it!
He was concerned that someone would get in his locker.
I guess all the talk about theft at the Jr. High and High School has sunk in with him!

Today has been a great day.
It is my first one off since school started so I have gotten some cleaning done and it's been rainy.
Hopefully with the kids in school I can get back to my routines with
cleaning, blogging and crafting!
Have a super duper day!
Hugs, K

Monday, August 2, 2010

A little bit of my summer

I spent a little bit of my summer with these cutie pies and a few others!

We had the best time getting to know each other, eating pizza, icecream, cupcakes, oh and of course making a few little projects.

The Crafty Scrapper had a Pre-Teen Crop every Tuesday for eight weeks.

I taught 5 of the weeks and Annette (a sweetheart) taught the other three.

I got really attached to the girls and look foward to seeing a couple of them in class this fall at the schools when I sub and seeing the others when they come shopping with Mom.

The pic below is the girls hard at work on their Home Depot aprons that we altered one week.

These are their Peace Tags (from Heart of Texas Studio) that they decorated.

A few of the finished aprons!

Hugs, K