Monday, December 15, 2008

The Polar Express

Friday night Tuck put on his Pajamas, grabbed his blanket and bear and headed back to school. It was Family Movie night! We haven't been able to attend this event in the past and it was all we heard about last week. He was so excited. The movie is shown in the Cafeteria on a huge screen. Popcorn, drinks and hot dogs are the meal for the evening. Santa was also said to be seen in the Library, but we didn't make it in time (Keyto was dropped off at his Band Christmas party).

It was a fun running everywhere, standing in front of you oblivious to who might be behind them actually watching the movie, drinks spilling under the pitter patter of bunny slippers, popcorn going crunch...yes it was fun for all!! I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

When the movie was over Tucker (on his own) went up to his principal and told her thank you and bye! He is such a sweetie!! I hope the people in his school realize just how special and unique he is.

Then it was home to bed for a very early basketball game at 8:00 am! Pics to follow of that.

Brrrr! It is freezing here. I have three little/big boys here keeping their fingers crossed school is delayed or canceled due to ice tomorrow! We'll see...


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