Wednesday, December 31, 2008


bliss - n : complete happiness : joy syn. - blessedness ; blissfull - adj.

I really love this word. Complete happiness, joy and blessedness is where I am right now. I can feel it deep down and I am so grateful that I am at this point. I know I am here, because I have felt it before and there is a great peace with it. I have a beautiful life with a wonderful husband and beautiful boys (don't tell them I used the word beautiful). I picked the word bliss over content because content gave me the impression of settling and I know that I haven't settled for anything less than what is God given and a blessing.

To celebrate this, I received this ring for Christmas and will wear it everyday. I ordered it from Beth Quinn (link on sidebar). She had the most beautiful jewelry. I also received one of her vintage necklaces that I will post a picture of later on. I am also going to do a little scrapbook of pictures that are blissful to me. I will share those pictures as I take them.

I started this last year after reading this by Ali Edwards. I really needed something to focus on after our big move. My word last year was ACCEPT. I might not have accepted our move completely, but I do believe that focusing on this word, especially when I was down, did help me to eventually "accept" that we were here and to make the most of it and that is what has led me to Bliss.

I have lots of goals and dreams for this next year that I will share with you over the next couple of days. I am also getting close to my 100th post and want to give away something special to one of you.

Thank you for sharing your lives, art and families with me.


Edited: Sorry my links don't work to Ali, I don't know what I typed in wrong. You can find her blog by googling her name. Will try it again later. Time to get off work.


College Station said...

I googled Ali's name but not sure what to look for.
Can you try to send me a link?
I need something to focus on for 2009. Hope your
New Year is full of abudant blessings,

Gina Havens

cindy said...

First, yep is Bliss is surely one of my favorite words as well. And that ring is adorable! I absolutely love it! Will have to go over to Beth's and see if she has more. Great post.