Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween to

to all you Witches, Ghosts, and Goblins!
Here's what I took a pic of last night in hopes of scaring the boys! Keyton didn't even notice, of course, he and Tuck don't drink milk (except at school and in cereal). But, with Brando...HUGE SUCCESS!!!!!! I was taking Tuck to school and missed it, but he called Brent (taking K to dentist) and was mad at him because he thought he did it!! Then he called me! Too funny!

It's a great day for everyone...except Keyto has to go to the dentist first thing this morning, but he did get to sleep an extra 30 min.! It's spirit day so that's always special to get to wear jeans to school with a school t-shirt. Tonight Keyto and BAM will go to the last high school game and Brent and I will take Tuck to the town Halloween Carnival and then maybe a little T or T on our block if anyone is home (practically every house had kids except about 3)!
And just another peek at BATMAN!
Have a super FUN SPOOKY day!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I started a post this morning but the pictures wouldn't load so I saved it and didn't finish it until tonight when I got home. Since I started it before the post with Tuck, it posted before Tuck's post. Anyway there are some pics of some projects I have finished up lately if you want to take a peek.


My Handsome Boy

What a great smile! It warms my heart and this is the smile I get every morning when I go into his room to get him up for school. I turn on his Backyardigan CD about 6:15 and then go in at 6:30 to smooch on him and rub his back to wake him up. I love this morning routine and will miss it when he eventually gets up on his own like his big brothers.

This is his 1st Grade School Picture (he didn't wear his glasses because they were so crooked and his new ones weren't in yet).



(ps. to family...don't expect pics from the two big ones...B didn't tell me until we were walking out the door and I couldn't find a checkbook and Keyto just didn't turn in his money because evidently they never asked for it...hmmmm

Sprucing UP!

Over the last few months I have been working on a few projects - decor and craft. I just haven't had time to post them.

I made a curtain for my utility room. I like it when the top is open for light and to see the clouds. I am working on one for my kitchen right now that will be similar and I am going to put a penant from vintage tablecloths across the top. I got that idea from CherryHill Cottage (see side bar).

I also redid the chair cushion for my desk chair to match my "studio". I know I'm not a professional, but it sounds so cool to say "studio"!

I did this little sign. I bought the orange candy sticks at a Five N Dime Drug Store (need to post those pics) and just made little tags and passed them out at work.
I'm off to take a pic of a little surprise I have for the boys tomorrow morning! I'll show you tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lil' Fall Decorating

I did some fall decorating a couple of weeks ago and just haven't had a chance to post the pictures. I didn't do hardly any Halloween outside (just inside).

I am liking the look when I drive up into the driveway. It feels like home.


It's My Anniversary!

One year ago today I went back to work after 12 years of being a stay at home Mom.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever done (not a decision I had a choice in) and I still wrestle with it everyday. I get tears in my eyes every Monday morning when I drop Tuck off at school or think about missing their "just after school excitement" when telling what happened at school that day. I miss having lunch with them (I too far way to drive in).

BUT...I work for the best boss a Mom could ask for! She has a college age daughter of her own and has worked there for 12 years so she understands. Not once has she ever denied my request to ask off or been put out when I have asked. AND I really enjoy what I do. It is creative and I work with my hands. Last, but not least all the people I work with are enjoyable, honest and respectable. I feel very blessed to have found this job and that Lynn and Melissa (owner) gave a Stay at Home Mom with no local references a chance.

Have a great day!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

ROE Fall Festival

After all the soccer games on Saturday, we (Brent, Tuck and I) walked over the the school for Tuck's Fall Festival. He played games, ate popcorn, jumped, and did the hayride with his friend Christian (who also came over today to play)!
Will post the other pics of what I have been doing all day tomorrow. I'm off to eat dinner with all the boys. Brent is cooking hamburgers. He took a vacation day today so I could stay home from baseball to get stuff done around here and he has been wanting to see this team play. Brandan played in Mesquite with the Redds (a team he is filling in for, played with them two weeks ago). Today wasn't a good day for him or his team.
Have a relaxing Sunday. Love you all

Story Book Character Parade

As I mentioned Friday, Tuck got to dress up on Friday. I went to the parade and took a few pictures. He made a great Batman!
That's his friend Daylen who is from Pirates of the Carribean. It was a very real costume.

Red Oak Band

Friday night Keyton played during half time at the Red Oak High School game. The High school played first, Jr. High played second and then the 6th grade. The last picture is part of all three bands. I thought they did a great job. You can see Keyton. He is in the back of most of the pictures. In the third picture, count over 3 people from the left and he is in the very back. Also had to get a picture of the football team. They finally won in overtime by a touchdown. Last year RO went to the playoffs, this year is a whole other story. Our quarterback is awful (I feel sorry for his parents in the stands). I think we have only won 3 games.

Brent asked him if he just moved the lever thing (don't know what it is called, but he plays the trombone) back and forth and didn't blow! Keyto said no he actually played. Brent was told when he was in band to just sit and pretend he was playing!LOL! Keyto certainly doesn't get his musical ability from Brent and I. I think I was in band for about 3 days and never could play Mary had a Little Lamb on just the end of the flute. That's when I switched to tennis!

I have lots of pics of the weekend to show, so will do them in 3 different posts.


Friday, October 10, 2008

BATMAN is in the House!

We are off to school to the Storybook Character parade. Will come back later and post more on pics.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


was a very busy day...

* Tuck had a soccer game in DeSoto at 9:00 (be there at 8:30) They lost, but definate improvement over last time we play this huge team! They only scored 5 this time instead of 25 (exageration, but felt like it) and we scored our first goal of the season!

* About an hour in between, run home get ready for Keyto's soccer pick up house a little

* Keyto has a soccer game in Glenn Heights (Red Oak's new home fields) at 12:00 (be there at 11:30)

* Keyto's game is running late of course so we (Brent and I) are getting very nervous about getting to BAM's baseball field in home and tell BAM and Tuck to get ready and get cooler ready. Keyto WINS again! Great game and kids did great!

* BAM has baseball at 4:00 and 6:00 (be at field at 2:45)

* Stuck in State Fair traffic...Brent is having a cow! I say call the coach and tell him... it is only 2:15, we may not be there by 2:45, but we will definately make game time...has he not been driving in Dallas traffic professionally for years and years now??? (me rolling my eyes)

* Made it by big deal

Win both games, finally get home around 9:45.


Brent goes to work at 6:00 am

* BAM has game at 12:00 (be there at 11:00, leave house at 10:00) I can now drive to Flowermound with my eyes closed, well probably. I have been so many times in the last year I don't need handwritten notes, yahoo maps or GPS! Lose game, not so good.

*Keyto has practice at 2:00 in Red Oak, luckily Coach Terri picks him up. This was Keyto's first ride in an open Jeep. Ask him to tell you about it sometime, I was laughing hysterically. He was griping the seat with his buttocks and the floorboard with his toes all while worrying he and his soccer bag were going to fly out!! Needless to say he has a very COOOOL coach.

Whew, so glad that Mon. - Wed. this week we have nada, nothing, zilch, zero in the evenings after work. Now Thursday is double whammy with Tuck's soccer practice and Keyto has Band rehearsal for big perfomance at the high school game on Friday night. Saturday is two soccer games at the same time on two different fields, band car wash, and basketball signups (no rest for the mom of boys I tell ya), Tuck's Fall Festival (no I'm not volunteering to work, I feel guilty, but want to spend time with kids), and Movie in the Park if we decide to go (probably not, but we'll see), and luckily a weekend off from baseball!

Now, as for the pictures that is Brandan on yes, a different team, the Arlington A's. They have red and navy jerseys. I kinda like the pic at night with the fence. Papa thinks we have put BAM's number in the bathrooms at the field: NEED A PLAYER CALL.... too funny, but almost true...not really . (wink)

Keyto at his game running and playing hard. He is a very aggressive defenseman.

The last are Tuck and Keyto at the baseball field playing soccer with some other kids. Tuck is getting fancy with the soccer ball. Didn't realize he was high stepping like that when I took the pic. The 2nd pic I love...a little brotherly love - high or low fiving each other.

Hope this post isn't too long, just lots to share.

Love and miss you all.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Have your CAKE and Soccer too!

Made a yummy cake this weekend...Spice Cake. Dad & Renee are visiting in October, so I am trying out 3 different cakes. This is the first one. Brandan decided this one was THE cake! I told him there were two more, he didn't care, he liked this one. Tuck even wanted to take some to school yesterday. Needless to say it was a hit with all my boys! I got the recipe from Cherry Hill Cottage blog. It is on my side bar, sorry I didn't get the url to type into here. I think the recipe is also on the side of the Dunan Hines or Betty Crocker Spice Cake box.

Tuck had a game Monday night so I finally remembered my camera. This year we have a new coach AND new Uniform! He almost scored the first goal of the season for his team, but it bounced on the goal post. He still received the Game Award. We don't have it yet, but are anxiously awaiting it at tomorrow night's practice...

Hugs and have a great Wednesday and First day of October! Halloween decorations come out tonight...I'm sooooo ready!