Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Little Basketball

Saturday Tucker had his 2nd basketball game and this time they had their jerseys! Whoo Hoo! Did they look snazzy. Tuck is so proud of his. We are just keeping our fingers crossed his shorts don't fall down when he is running. The smallest size they had was small. I pulled 'em as tight as I could, but they were still pretty loose!

Anyway...he did really well. I left during the last quarter to see Brando off to Houston for baseball, but Brent was really proud of Tuck. He really hustles out there and you can tell he is giving it his usual 125%! Oh, and they won!
Keyto also played and his team won. He got busted in the lip guarding one of his school buddies that was on his team last year. It was swollen and purple yesterday. They don't have their uniforms yet, so when they get them I will post pics of him.

Brando played baseball in Houston. Brent and I couldn't take him so he went with his coach. This won't happen again. Two huge huge things happened while he was there. First, on Saturday, the first ball, first pitch, first play of the game he hits a HOMERUN over the fence! How cool is that???? So amazing and very proud of him.

Second, in the last game on Sunday, he got hit in the back of the head (helmet on) with an 80-90 mile an hour pitch. Oh my gosh, it about killed me when I heard this. He seems to be doing okay. I looked up concussion on internet and he is showing no signs. I may go ahead and call Dr. today and make sure there aren't some tests they might want to run. Needless to say, he won't be going on any out of town trips to baseball without us EVER again. He did have a great time and I think he enjoyed the independence except for the two happenings above.
That first picture is Tucker learning to text with Brent's new phone. He has been sending texts to all of us telling us he loves us and we had a fun weekend. So Sweeeet!

School has been delayed today. TWO HOURS! Of course we didn't find this out and until Keyto and I are completely and totally dressed and ready to go at 6:00 am. Can't they go out at 5:00 like they do in Lubbock and let you know a little earlier??? So, Tuck and Brando get to sleep in a little. I know Brando needs it after this weekend. It is pretty cool here in that the school has a recorded message that calls you and tells you about the delay. I guess because there are hundreds maybe thousands of schools around here and to sit and wait for it to fly across the TV screen is crazy!
My mind is going wild with all the possible things I can get accomplished in those extra two hours so I guess I better go get some of them done!

Have a super wonderful warm day!

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