Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Best Fans a Brother could ask for...

his little brothers. This is from the Flower Mound tournament where there were a few trees to hide under.

Always there to cheer him on...although I've noticed the enthusiasm for this current tournament has vanished! They haven't been to a game yet this week and have opted to stay in where it's air conditioned!

Love those canopies. When the kids weren't underneath it the parents and little ones were! Gotta get us one of those!

Also, another pic of Tuck with his HULK OUT! tatoo.

Have a happy day!
(wow two posts in one day)

Grandad this one's for you

Here's a picture of your "Left Handed Pitcher from Lubbock"

This was taken at the Natl. Tournament in Flower Mound where we placed 2nd.

Love ya

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday & Championship

Happy Birthday Brent!

Congrats Brandan. His team made it to the Championship game tomorrow. What a great birthday present for Brent!

Here are some pics of Brent with his favorite cake - ITALIAN CREAM and of Brandan with his new team pitching and batting.

Enjoy the pics.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

I hope you are having a wonderful day with your family and friends. We are missing family, but thought of you Mom and Dad last night at the fireworks in Waxahachie. I can't say the show was as good as Buffalo or the City's, but we did have fun. I missed being out in the country and not having any city lights, Office Depot signs, Starbuck's signs, etc in my line of vision!

We watched Red Oak's fireworks last Saturday from the entry street in our addition.

Today everybody except me and Keyton slept in, so we missed the parade. I cooked a brisket, beans, corn, and Blueberry Pie for lunch. Tonight we are going to watch a minor team Grand Prairie called the AirHogs. Should be interesting.

Tomorrow we go to FlowerMound to check in for Brandan's National Baseball tournament he is playing in and games start on Sunday!

It's a great weekend. I am enjoying just being here with the boys!

Have a great weekend.

PS. Pic of Tuck waiting for game and my pie I made! (and once again I got in too big of a hurry to turn the pic)!