Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heaven on Earth

Some of the boys waiting for the ceremonies to begin for the opening of our new fields which are right next door to the new High School being built (shown in previous post).
Heaven on earth for a 14 year old boy!

The Varsity Head Coach, Heath Autrey. Making a few comments about the new field and thanking the citizens of Red Oak for passing the Bond to make it all possible.
The ribbon cutting ceremony
New scoreboards!!

The new fields are AWESOME! We enjoyed the ceremony and can't wait to go watch a full game. Brandan stayed and watched the Varsity defeat The Colony 2-1. All games were won on baseball and softball fields tonight! A great way to open the season.
Another AWESOME way to open the season was Brandan throwing a no hitter last night against Ennis in their first official game. He had an amazing defense backing him up that played a HUGE part in the no hitter. We have a great group of boys with some amazing talent. I know this team will do great things. We have our first tournament starting Thursday in Ennis.
Whoo Hoo! It's baseball time again!


on our new High School is going on just North and East of our new fields. The new school and fields are less than a mile from our house. The school won't be open until 2010 so Brando will attend it his last two years! Hard to imagine it's not that far away. When the new H.S. opens a new (rebuilt) Elementary will also open and that will change our districting lines for the elementaries and which schools are which for Intermediate and Jr. High. We will then have two Intermediates and Tuck will go to a different Intermediate than Keyto is going to. So much going on in the town! It is really growing fast.

Sick Day

Tuck isn't feeling well today (lucky for Dudley-he loves Tuck's blanket), for the 2nd day. A little stomach bug I guess. Brent was home with him yesterday and I got to stay home with him today. We have played UNO, read books, watched a movie and I made MY BOYS a Chocolate Cake!! Home is my element (bliss)!
I think he is feeling better. He won't be going to practice tonight, but we are going to run up to the new Sports complex for the Grand Opening of the High School's new Baseball and Softball fields and Tennis Courts to take some pictures. The fields are really nice and very badly needed. Then Keyto has basketball practice. Key and Tuck both start their basketball tournaments on Sat. Only 3 more weekends of basketball.
Will post pics of fields later hopefully, if not tomorrow.
Have a nice evening.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Aren't those adorable?? I found them at Target! My craft room colors are red, pink and lime green. I love the damask and the owl! I am going to use the cup and bowl for supplies. The mug brings a smile to my face each morning at 5 am! It helps to start the day with a smile don't 'cha know?!
Have a fabulous friday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


aka. TuckaBear loves snacks! I take a snack bag to every game because it never fails, five minutes into the game T looks at me and says "do we have anything to eat?". Keep in mind that chances are if we are going out of RO for a game, we have already stopped for a drink and a meal at Sonic!

Whew! Some hyper kids running around behind me. I'm not sure what the time on this post will say since the pictures were uploaded this morning, but I am typing it at 8:25 at night and these kids are wound up!

Better go get TuckaBear in bed!




These pictures are from Sunday watching Keyto's soccer game. It was cool and breezy but way NOT as cold as Saturday! That's Mr. Happy there in the middle...no really he is very good about going and supporting Keyto, he just doesn't like me taking pictures of him (unless his muscles are showing)!

Sports Update

This last weekend we played a total of 10 Games!! Here's a quick run down on the who, where, when and most importantly...WHY!!
9:30 Indoor Soccer Mansflied Keyton Won
10:30 Basketball RO Tucker Won
11:00 Basketball RO Keyton Won
12:00 Baseball RO Brando Won
2:00 Outdoor Soccer Dallas* Keyto Lost Asked to play in 6 on 6 tourn. great practice!
4:00 Outdoor Soccer Dallas Keyto Tie
5:00 Outdoor Soccer Dallas Keyton Won
7:00 Birthday Party RO Keyton Had a blast! Quite the little social-lite.
1:00 Outdoor Soccer Dallas Keyton Won
3:00 Outdoor Soccer Dallas Keyton Won
5:00 Outdoor Soccer Dallas Keyton Championship Game!! Lost to team we lost to first on Saturday, but was asked to come back to play in another tournament for Cinco De Mayo!
By 6:00 on Sunday I am pooped! I felt like I didn't even get a weekend, but you know what?? It was all worth it! Keyton told me on Saturday morning it was the Best Saturday! He loves to go and go and go... All in all, a very successful weekend!
Oh, and yes, those first couple of pictures are of Keyton playing GOALIE!! He did great. So proud of that DUDE!
Tuesday Brandan traveled to Irving to play the Junior Varsity in baseball. His first at bat went to right field, he then proceeded to steal 2nd, 3rd, and home!! He pitched and had 6 strikeouts and 1 walk. the other pitchers and players did awesome. I wasn't there, so I don't know all their names. Actually, even if I was there, I am still trying to figure out who they all are!
They beat the other team 9-1. The JV of that school consisted mainly of Sophomores and Juniors with only a couple of Freshmen. I think Red Oak has some great talent on our Freshman team. Unfortunately our JV team was beat by the same team. I am going to think positive for our JV team that they will succeed in all their games. I know it must have been hard to have the Freshman team win against a team that they lost too.
Soooo...that's your weekend update! Have a great Wednesday. I have more pics to come of our weekend at the field.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Necklace

Just wanted to show some bling since it is Valentines and all. I bought all the pieces and chain for this necklace at random booths when Trista and I went to the Dallas Market a few weeks ago. I put it together when I got home (which was a pain by the way getting all the charms to face the same direction!). There is a nude little cupid and a charms that says love struck. The others are all bling. I have gotten lots of complements and really love it.

I took a soldering class before we moved, but unfortunately was packing and in turmoil so I never had the chance to purchase the supplies and get started. There is going to be a class at our local scrapbook store so I am going to take it. I love all the soldered charms and other things you can do.

Hope you like my V-day bling!


Love My Guys!

Happy Valentines Day! I got the boys and my Dad to take a few pictures before the memorial service last weekend. Aren't they all handsome (love the goofy face on the right). Love 'em all very much.



Sweet Cousins

My oldest cousin (I am first, then her) has two children who would be my 2nd cousins and 3rd cousins to my boys! They had a great time hanging out when we were home last weekend. We all had fun playing with Hannah who is 2 yrs. old. She is 100% girl and from what we were told, can be quite the drama queen. Tucker enjoyed checking out Justin's Nintendo DS.
That is the little one's mama and her oldest brother.
Gotta go get organized. We have a big Saturday. Keyton has 1 indoor soccer game, 1 basketball game, and 3 - 6 on 6 soccer games in a tournament he was asked to play in and a birthday party. Tuck has 1 basketball game and Brandan has a scrimmage against another town. Then Brent goes to work at 4:00. Needless to say it will be a very busy day.
Hope your Valentines is special and full of love.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Supa Bowl Party

I always fix a "feast" (junk food feast) for the Super Bowl and usually we have a couple of kids over. This year our guest was Tucker's friend from school. They thought they were so big! We pull out the beach towels for one of the rare times they get to eat in the living room. We had a great time hanging out!

I'm Trying

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, it has been so busy since we got back Sunday.

Monday I got off at 4:30 and headed home to check on my two youngest before heading to the High School baseball field. Brando's scrimmage was canceled (in another town) due to new dirt being put on the field! Who knew?!? When they put down new dirt, you aren't supposed to play on it!! Or so I'm told...

Anyway, word was, Brando was going to stay and watch/maybe play with the Varsity!! How exciting for him. So cool! Soooo...I get there at 5:15 (schedule says it will start at 5:30). I wait in my car until 5:30 and decide to get out when I see other parents showing up. Walk up to score box and Brando's friend tells me they won't start until 6:00 since other team isn't even there (you know the team from the same school that won't let JV play on new dirt). Soooo...back to car. The game does finally start around 6:00 and goes until 9:00 (it was wet and cold)!! My two youngest are at home fending for themselves because I am afraid to leave and miss B playing. He does finally go up to bat in 9th inning and gets on base with a walk. He said later he was so nervous in the dugout. I knew he must be. I think it was a great experience to see how different High School ball is from Little League and Select. Coaches were cussin and the the Varsity Captain evidently chewed them out (other team was closing in on our lead). He was pretty pumped to say the least. Needless to say, by the time we got home we were both exhausted.

Last night Keyto had practice and Tuck's was canceled due to possibly severe weather. When I got home I was trying to upload pics onto here from our Super Bowl party before the weather got bad. Blogger was trying to load...then poof, no internet for a second and gone. So, by that time I figured I had better turn off computer and watch the lighting show.

We don't have any sports tonight, so I will get SBowl pics and trip pics posted hopefully.

I would give anything for a couple of uninterrupted hours to make some Valentines!! Are you ready for some romance?? I did get a couple of little chocolatey things for the boys yesterday. I am making a giant chocolate chip cookie decorated with red frosting for Tuck's school party. It's all about the frosting when you're 6 years old. Hopefully will have time to decorate a jar for some candy for his teacher.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

With a Sad heart

My Uncle George passed away on Monday (my 100th post was a tribute to him back in January). I won't be back blogging until Sunday. We are leaving tomorrow to go home for his memorial service.

We will miss him very much. He was like another Grandfather to my boys. I think the characteristic I can say I most admire in him was his devotion to family.

You always hear that statement about how when you die you can't take the material objects or the time you worked with you, but that all the moments you impacted other's lives with your time and attention will be remembered. As a mother I have also heard it related in the way of, do you want your children to remember how you were too busy to spend time with them or remember all the special little moments you took too spend time with them. I know this isn't written well, but what I am trying to say is that he always put his family first. He did work and provide well for his family, but when he was home, his priority was his family. He and my Aunt raised four amazing children. They still go home for holidays, birthdays, and weekly dinners. My Uncle was always thoughtful when it came to my Aunt's birthday, their anniversary, and Mother's day. Anytime someone in the extended families married or pasted away they traveled to support those families. They were loyal attendees of all family reunions. He set a wonderful example as the head of their family. I know without a doubt his sons will carry on with that same spirit.

His memories will always be in our hearts.

I will return this weekend with pictures from home. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the warm sunshine with your families!