Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paper Cowgirl Welcome

A true cowgirl welcome with Sunflowers tied up with a pink bandana!

Tina and Cindy are the two amazingly talented ladies who created the Paper Cowgirl Retreat.

They have been working on it for many months and the time and attention they put into it was evident with every little detail. I had a great time and truly enjoyed my classes, lunches, vendor fair, and social time. These ladies thought of everything. I hope this event continues to grow and that many more ladies will get to attend and be apart of this fun and talented group of women. Next time I hope to talk my MIL, Aunt, and BFF into going!!

More pics to come of my classes, the vendors and my "finished" projects!

Hugs, K

Boys of Summer Part I

Keyto Wii bowling
We are having a great summer, pretty much just being lazy and doing what we enjoy.

We haven't done any camps this summer (so far), nor did Brandan go to summer school (to lighten his course load) as originally planned. I guess that is for the best though, due to the baseball tournaments that have started on Thursday and Friday during the daytime.
He is going to the school several days a week to work out and get ready for baseball in the fall.

So, I have taken some pics of the boys the last couple of days doing what they consider perfect summer activities!

Tuck and Brando are fighting over their favorite fruit in the pic above.
They will eat a half a watermelon a day. Probably a whole one if I cut the whole thing at once.
If I don't eat it when I am cutting it...I don't get any!
Brando balancing the remote on his head while waiting for the PS3 to set up!
Has he got some TALENT or what?

Okay, this isn't his idea of fun and he specifically told me not to take a picture and actually ducked the first one!
So I got sneaky and was sitting there talking to him and took it without him knowing.

Keyto in his room playing the PS2

Tuck chillin on the couch playing his PSP.

You can see that the majority of their time each day is with a visual electronic device of some kind...tv, playstation, wii, psp, etc.

Therefore, I devised a "No Visual Electronic Devise Time" each day for two hours. You would think the world was ending. I give them all kinds of ideas on how to spend that two hours...vacum, dust, clean out drawers/closets, read, color, puzzles, but it is still just devastating!

Yesterday they went out and played with Wally and slip and slided. I will have those pics tomorrow! I am off to do some job searches, work on some projects and clean a bathroom!

I will be posting Paper Cowgirl Pics in between pics of the boys!
Hugs and have a super day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Storm Clouds

Last week when we were having all those massive storms, I got this picture from our upstairs window. I just thought the colors were amazing! The dark at the bottom is the outline of houses and power poles. The dark at the top is the outline of the storm cloud passing over us.
Of course the storm's winds pulling our patio table over and shattering the glass wasn't too amazing!
Have a super week.
Hugs, K

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After school on Friday, Tuck, Brando and I headed out of town to Ruston Louisiana for a baseball tournament. None of us had ever been to Louisiana so we were quite excited (I was also nervous since I had never driven any further east than Canton)!
We did fine except for about 45 minutes of delay outside of Shreveport due to construction. The above picture is at the Ruston High School field.

The weather was actually pretty nice. We expected it to be hot and muggy beyond comfort, but there was a nice breeze and the first games on Saturday and Sunday were at 9:00 am.

Tuck chillin'

Our 2nd game on Saturday was at the Louisiana Tech University field!
It was awesome, the above picture of Tuck chillin' is in the stands which were covered and had stadium style seating. The bottom picture is Brando walking to the dug out. The fields were worked to perfection in between each game by staff of the LA Tech Baseball staff or team, not sure which. It was total style! I am so glad Brandan was able to experience this trip.

Warming up before batting

We were back at the high school field for Sunday's games.
The boys weren't liking the outdoor smell on Sunday. I guess from the humidity and areas of stagnant water, there is a smell to the air on certain days. We were excited to talk or actually greet a real Louisian at the hotel Sunday morning. I said "Good Morning" to an employee of the hotel and he said "Moonin" (i really don't know how to spell it, but Tuck can do a super impression)! Tuck turned to me after the guy had walked off and said "did you hear what he said?...he said "monin". I thought it was really cute that he caught the accent. Brando was disappointed he didn't get to hear it. He was very into the whole Louisiana culture, food and atmosphere. Ruston was a great little old college town. We ate lunch in their old downtown on Saturday at a Cajun restaurant called Ponchatoulas. It was really tasty!

The boys played very well. They won 3 of 4 games and tied for 1st place!
It was a great trip. Our next out of town tournament will be in San Antonio in July.
Talk about HOT and MUGGY!!
Have a super Thursday
Hugs, K

Awards & Last Day of School

Friday was the last day of school and busy busy!
Keyto had his awards presentation and was recognized for holding a grade percentage of 85% or higher and also for Merit Society which is a grade point of 90% or higher!
Tuck's awards was Thursday and he recieved the Math and Computer Awards and also had perfect attendance the last 9 weeks.

Friday was Tuck's End of School Party! Brent was the Kickball Coach.
We played Kick Ball and had a pizza party.
Tucker had an amazing Teacher again this year. We are so blessed!
Love Pizza Parties!
It was a great school year. I can't believe I now have a Sophomore, 7th Grader (Jr. High!) and a 2nd grader! Unbelieveable! We are so proud of you guys!
Have a super week!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friday-Saturday Part III

Sunday we kicked off the Summer Baseball season with a double header. Brandan filled in for this coach back in the fall, but this season he is on the team roster. This team seems to have a lot of talent. We are looking foward to this next weekend when we travel to Louisiana for our first tournament. B is playing right field in the above picture.

Working through some pitching/catching issues. This is the first time some of these boys have played in weeks (depending on how their high school teams faired in the playoffs).

Taking a break in between games. It was sooo Hot!
I am sure Tuck was giving B some advise, he never seems to run out of it.
Bonus of the day!
Train tracks right behind us. It was just the parking lot, grass and the track. Very cool!
The 2nd train to go by was an Amtrack.
I don't know what it is about trains, but they just give you some kind of surge of excitement.
And of course a little soccer and some tunes!
So, even though the weekend was busy, we had a great time all.
Tomorrow is the last day of school and boy is everyone excited. Tuck had awards today and Keyto's will be tomorrow. I will post awards and pics on Monday and hopefully some pics from Louisiana. Have a super Friday and an even better weekend.

Friday-Saturday Part II

We started off our busy weekend watching this young lady graduate from High School!!
I can't believe my little niece is all grown up and going to college.
She was a newborn baby when I first met my husband.
She is a beautiful, smart and very creative young lady.
I know she will go far out in the adult world...as long as she can keep up with her car keys!!
Noooo just kidding!! She is going to succeed in anything she does:)
We love you Teysha Bean
(I almost yelled that when she walked back to her seat at graduation)
This is the whole clan, Papa Bear, Nana Bear, Brandan, Brent, Keyto, Teysha, me and Tucker.
We are all smiling 'cause our tummies were full of yummy food from MiMi's Cafe.
Congrats to all the Graduates and their Parents and Grandparents out in the blog world

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Friday-Saturday Part I

Friday was the beginning of a busy busy weekend.
Tucker had Field Day all day at school. They played lots of games and races. There was also a big jumpy house/slide. We stayed until lunch and then left for Part II of our weekend!
Loved the water games.

It was soooo hot outside, so after a couple of games we would head inside to cool off and have a snack and drink.
Digging for buried treasure in a tub full of sand
All the classes competed with each other on this one. The kids held hands and had to pass the hula-hoop down the line without using their hands. We did great and won 2nd Place!
It was a great day and I am so grateful to have been able to be there with Tuck this year!
Stay tuned for Part II and III!