Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tucker's team won the Championship game today!
Their whole season they went undefeated.
Looks like we have another ball player in the family!
Love my boys!
Have a marvelous week!
Hugs, K

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jesuit Cross Country Meet

As you can see (from all the blog posts) last weekend was busy busy
and I'm not even showing pics of all the baseball games!
Keyto had a meet in East Dallas by White Rock Lake.
It was really pretty at the park where they ran.

I love these pictures. It's amazing how you can be in the center of Dallas and it looks like you are in the country or in the mountains!
The sunshine coming through the trees reminded me of Rhuidoso.

Here he is finishing strong.
He always does.
He was behind the kid in red and sprinted to pass him!
The meet before this one he medaled which put him in the top 15!
Hugs, K

Fall Festival 2010

Saturday we attended Tuck's Fall Festival.
Due to the Rangers game there wasn't a lot of people in attendance, but
the highlight of the evening was the BATMAN face painting!
Good fun was had by all even though most of his friends weren't there.
Hugs, K

Storybook Characters on Parade

Last Friday was dress up day at Tuck's school.
They are to dress up as their favorite storybook character and I try to let Tuck think about this and pick his character without my help or opinions. I think it is important for him to pick out an actual character from one of his books and not just do a typical Halloween costume.
Sooo, this year he picked a new Hardy Boys book...The Missing Mit!
Doesn't he look cute???

All the kids in costume parade through out and around the school.
Unless you are a cute little butterfly and get sidetracked by the kids parading next to you!
Never fear, Tuck (and his fellow cohorts) will show you the way!

Hugs, K