Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Something Creative

I wanted to post pictures of the clipboard I did for my Aunt's birthday back in November, but never got around to it. It is very slow today at work so I decided now is a good time.

I have seen these everywhere, but on another blog called Jane's Apron, she uses vintage dress patterns to alter hers and since my Aunt is an amazing seamstress, I wanted to do something similar. I found some old patterns at an antique store here in town. The gold button is from a collection I received (and once again I thought I had turned the picture and I hadn't, so I had to post it right).
That is my Fabulous Aunt and myself at her birthday party. She is an amazing wife and mom who raised some great kids, loving grandmother, awesome cook, extremely talented seamstress and a very creative scrapbooker. My boys love her as much as I do. I admire and respect her so much!

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