Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring in RO, Part III

Seeing the boys like this always makes a lump in my throat!

Friday was Senior night and we played one of our biggest competitors.
We still have 1 more regular season game and then playoffs.
I can't imagine what the Mom's of the Seniors were feeling...I found tears in my eyes as I watched the boys escort their Moms out on the field.
Luckily one of the Mom's who is a good friend will still be here the next two years, because she has a son who is the same age as Brandan. There is one Mom though, whom I will miss dearly. Her Son is her baby so she will be done with High School this year.
I haven't known the Seniors that long, but when they take your son in and teach him and support him, they hold a special place in your heart.
I wish them all the Best of Luck.

Mom was here this weekend and was able to see all the boys play a game.
She was a trooper and luckily the weather was great.
The wind was blowing like crazy on Saturday, but thankfully no dirt like back home!
Tucker scored TWO goals and his team won 3-1.
Keyto's team tied and played great.
Brandan's team played hard, but battled the other team's fans (who are awful), and the UMPs!
They lost, but hopefully will get it back this Friday in their last game of the regular season.

Lookin' good.

I hope you have a great week and good luck to all the kiddos taking the TAKS all week.
Brando has 3 days of it and I think Keyto also has 3 days.
Hugs, K

Spring in RO, Part II

Wildflowers in Texas!

There is not much more beautiful this time of year.

Mom was here this weekend and has never seen Bluebonnets.

We took a drive and found lots of them along with Indian Paintbrush and these yellow flowers.

I don't know what the yellow ones are called, but they are everywhere.

Tucker and I are going to have to find a book of wildflowers so we can identify them.

I think he may have his mom's love for flowers.

Enjoy the beauty of spring, I know I am.

Hugs, K

Happy Birthday to

Last Saturday we celebrated 5 years at the store with a big
50's Celebration!
Lots of scrapping, giggling, and great food!
The owner, Carolyn (2nd from left in pink skirt), is alot of fun,
an amazing business woman, mom and wife.
She holds wonderful classes, always has the most update products and has amazingly talented designers and teachers. Sherri (not pictured), who is the Assist. Manager is incredibly creative and does the most beautiful work. Annette who is next to me teaches classes. I have been lucky to be in one of her classes and like the other ladies is incredibly talented.
Mary Lou (black skirt) holds everyone together!
I am very proud and blessed to be apart of this amazing store.
I hope to be there when she celebrates 10 years!
Hugs, K

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring in RO, Part I

Last night Keyton had a soccer game here.
It was a beautiful day for outdoor sports.
80 degrees and the sun was shining. There was a 30% chance of rain.
It clouded up off and on all day like it would rain, but in between the sun came out.
The team was playing another home town team so the game got pretty rough.
It always does with this team. Some of the boys are who Keyto played with when
we originally moved up here and a lot of them are class mates.
I love how boys can be so competitive on the field, but the minute they walk off all is
forgotten and they are buddies again.
Wish I could say the same for some of those crazy parents!
We could see the clouds getting closer and closer. It was getting darker and darker.
Cool thing about Spring in RO is that when weather guy says it's gonna rain, no matter the percentage, it usually does at some point in the day. Usually rain here in the spring isn't all day, but short showers on a regular basis. It has been dry for a couple of weeks now, so we seriously needed the rain to liven up the bluebonnets and help out the next round of wildflowers.
I told my friend, "when I feel a steady rain drops I'm heading to the car, which is seriously 1/2 a mile away, and it is all mud and rocks down the hill to get to the car.
I text Brent who is with Tucker at soccer further South and tell him "it's gonna rain".
He says "no it's not" (he was joking).
Well, there never was a steady stream of rain DROPs, it dropped maybe TWO drops and BAM full force rain coming down. So I grab Keyto's bag, my purse and chair and take off.
I am wearing flip flops and finally had to run barefoot because my feet were sliding around.
It wasn't a pretty sight.
But those clouds sure were!

The rain lasted just until Keyto got to the car and then stopped and that was that!
Unfortunately we lost 2-1. We probably could have at least tied if it hadn't started raining.

Just in: Brando and team just won 7-3. They were tied 3-3 and Brando got up to bat in 7th inning with 2 on base and 2 outs. He hit, ran to 1st and drove a run in. We scored 4 runs in that inning with the two outs. Since we were visitors they still had to bat and we held them and WON!
The team is 8-2 in district play I believe.

Have a super weekend.
Hugs, K

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Have a Beautiful Easter

Lots of Hugs,
K and all The Boys