Sunday, February 14, 2010


We've been bumming since Friday!
All sports have been canceled since Thursday night.
B's baseball was also cancelled for tomorrow.
The snow is melting, but everything is flooded and it's soooo cold it's miserable.
I wanted to show you crafty ones my acrylic love hanging I made.
The letters were cut and given to me by my mil and fil from here.
I have it hanging in my window at the front of the house.
But had to take the pictures with a background so you can see how I decorated it.

The E is covered in all different fonts of rubons.
The heart is stamped with white ink (idea from my mil).

Well, the O is a typical Kerri fiasco. I started putting the little pink gems around the heart (I had two different packages) and just knew I had enough, but guess what...I didn't. I will keep it out and get some to finish it before I pack it up with the other Valentine stuff. Who knows when I will get to Michaels (haven't been since week after Christmas) or Hobby Lobby (been since about 3 weeks before Christmas), but I will get some and get it finished by golly! I too stinkin' proud of it not to finish it. ;)

I used a piece from some jewelry findings as my round hanger instead of a plain jump ring.
The X and Os were stamped.

I love this little picture holder. I got it on our last visit to see Brent's parents.
I keep it out and just change up the mementos in it.
I hope your Valentine's Day has been spend with the ones you love!
Hugs, K

Friday, February 12, 2010

Today's SNOW Report...

This is what we woke up to Friday morning, almost 13" of snow!
School was canceled the night before so we got to sleep in :)
The back yard was beautiful and so peaceful.

Hugs, K

Playing in the SNOW!

This is our Snowman, The Joker, whose mouth was made with red food coloring which I still have on my fingers. Brando, myself and Brent were the creators.
The other two helped in between throwing snowballs
and Keyto throwing Tucker down in the snow!
Which I must add resulted in quite a few frozen tears...
The snow was perfect for snowballs and snowmen.
The following is one of those MAD/crying he's so MAD moments...It was snowing so much it drenched us like rain would.

Once we finally got the big boy to come outside he had a great time.

At first, we had Wally on a leash, but soon let him go and he loved the snow.
It was hilarious to watch him run in it.

Hugs, K

Snow and LOTS of it

Thursday morning started out with slushy rain, but at 5 am the roads were only wet.
There was snow in the grass and the roof tops, but none on the street.
By the time we left the house at 7 am the streets where beginning to get slushy and traction was getting difficult. It normally only takes me about 20 min. to get the boys dropped off at 3 different schools and me to school, but this morning it took about 40 min.
By 10 am it was snowing like a blizzard!
I was subbing with 5th and 6th graders and boy were they excited.
Most of kids around here have seen it snow, but never for that long and accumulate that much.
It has been 30 years since the Dallas area has seen this much snow!
The Jr. High and High school kids were let out at 2:00.
We were scrambling to find people to pick them up since Brent was an hour away and I was with the Intermediate kids who along with the elementary kids got out at regular time (don't even get me started on the school districts logic on this)!
I took some pictures of what the snow looked like when we did get home from school.
The view from Keyton's window in the front of the house.

Our backyard. Those are Crepe Myrtles lining the fence.
The snowflakes in the afternoon were like cotton balls.

This is the view of Tucker's school from his window.
More pics of snow fun in the next post!
Hugs, K