Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It is a very very foggy Wednesday night. I could barely see the cars in front of me on the way home from work.

The boys and I are having a cozy night in. No basketball tonight! There's a fire in the fireplace and this yummy chicken and rice for dinner. I thought I'd take a picture for those of you who might want to try and find it. I got it at Walmart in the open freezers where the corn dogs are. My boys (except Tuck who doesn't like rice) love it. It is really good. There are two big packages in the box and you just pop the bag in the microwave. One bag would feed 2-3 people easily. It's a good, quick comfort food and... Dad, it has peas in it, and I ate them!!

Feeling a little homesick tonight, so just want to tell all my family and friends at home that I am thinking of you and miss you. Love ya

PS. Dad, you really need to go to the side bar and click on The Pioneer Woman link. She lives on a ranch and posts the most amazing recipes. I have cooked up some of them, so they aren't too complicated. She is pretty funny too!

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