Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day!

All my boys were busy and helpful...of course the more help I had with the food, the faster the food got on the table! We enjoyed a great lunch and then headed to the movie to see
The Blind Side!
Oh my goodness, that was the best movie I have seen in a long time!
I would love to meet the real mother in person. She must be a ball of fire!
Sandra Bullock was awesome and so was the actor who played Michael Orr.
I actually want to sit and watch a football game (that he is playing in) now.
You gotta go see this movie and buy it when it comes out on DVD!
Very inspirational and perfect for the holidays.
Then...we had our Big Entertainment for the evening!
The boys and my Mom said Brent couldn't jump up and touch the arched opening that separates our kitchen from the living room. Well, of course he had to prove them wrong!
He took a step or two start, jumped up, touched the arch,
then in slow motion his foot slipped on the tile and he started falling backward where luckily our couch is and did a BACK FLIP over the back of the couch, angled himself just enough to miss the edge of our coffee table and landed standing UP! It was a perfect 10 if I do say so myself!
We were all just standing there staring with our eyes wide and mouths wide open in disbelief as to what was happening! It was a move that Doug from King of Queens would have done!
At first, when he started falling backward I though he was doing it on purpose, but then as he kept going over, over, over the back of the couch I just was speechless. We all laughed hysterically at that point just grateful he didn't break anything! year for Thanksgiving if you're not busy,
our house is the place to be for all your Holiday Entertaining!!! :)
(shhhhh, don't tell Doug, oops I mean Brent, I told you)
I don't know if you've noticed, but I've posted three different posts in one night!
I needed to play catch up!
Tuck is at a friend's house, Brent is asleep, and the big boys are watching movies!
Tomorrow I hope to post my treasures I found in McKinney a couple of weeks ago and an album that I covered at a crop I went to about a month ago!

Thankful for...

My Mom was here for Thanksgiving!
And...with my birthday just a couple of days later, that made it even more special.

Enjoying a pretzel and a drink after Birthday & Christmas shopping!

So glad she was here!
Thanks for coming Mom, we love you!
Have a wonderful evening, K

The Feast

Thankful for: one adorable indian boy
The Thursday before school was out for Thanksgiving Tucker's class celebrated with a breakfast feast! There were donuts, muffins, fruit, and most importantly (to Tuck at least) McDonalds Breakfast Burritos. He ate two and some fruit, no donuts...can you believe it????
The teachers sent home a letter requesting that you pick between one of two items. My note said syrup or breakfast casserole. I did the breakfast casserole since I didn't think many people would want to go to the trouble. Well, I'm not sure what one Mom's letter said, but that teacher received...
I'm not sure where that Mom thought the teacher would be fixing those pancakes!!
We all got a good laught outta that one.
Have a super evening.
Hugs, K
(ps. is that a crazy face that little girl is making or what!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall 09 Soccer

Shooters Fall 2009

1st 9 Week's AWARDS

Tucker received the Perfect Attendance Award and Citizenship Award!

I have him trained well. All the other kids grab their ribbon and head back to their seat,

but not Tuck, he stops and smiles for Momma and the camera!

Keyto and Brando are also studying hard and doing well in school.

Keyto is in all PreAP classes so he has to work extra hard and study lots!

I have amazing boys don't I??


Scrapbook Layout

Noooo , not from me, but from Keyto!!
He had to do a Scrapbook layout for his Language Arts class about a pet.
I think he did a great job and so did his teacher because he got a 100!!
(Wally's not so cute right now after he drug himself thru a mud puddle under the fence
again last night to explore the neighborhood)
I am enjoying being home today because there weren't any sub jobs and because I have been fighting a sinus/hayfever issue (not an infection thank goodness) and barely have a voice from trying to get the attention of 6th graders on Monday and 1st graders yesterday! I am cleaning, getting ready for my BFF to be here tomorrow so we can hang out on Friday and for my Mom who is coming next week for Thanksgiving. Needless to say we are all so excited to see some familiar faces from home and spend some time with my Mom here at our home.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Belated Halloween

Even though I'm way late, I wanted to post some pictures of halloween.
Tucker was a Star Wars Clone this year.
We went Trick or Treating with his best buddy who lives a few blocks over.
Then it was to their house to raid the candy and for the adults to rest and eat!
Brando and Keyto stayed at the house to scare the Trick or Treaters and pass out candy.

This (below) is the Friday before at The Crafty Scrapper.
The downtown merchants pass out candy to all the little Trick or Treaters after school.
I worked and Brent brought the boys in to town to help and T or T!
It was lots of fun to see all the neat costumes and people we knew.

This is Tucker and Carolyn's son Denton. Denton was the cutest little old man!
Have a super Sunday!
Hugs, K