Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mom & Boy in Trees

Tuck and I tree climbing
(this pic should be last, but somehow I deleted it and now it is first...oh well!)

Step One: a little push

Step Two: proper foot placement makes for a LESS AWKWARD climb

Step three: up I go!

Step Four: get settled for bird and puppy dog watching (other side of fence just below us)

Did you watch that show...Men In Trees? I did and really liked it, seems like every show I really like they discontinue at some point or other!! Trying to think of a post title reminded me of the show. I also really enjoyed climbing trees (and anything else) when I was younger. I think it was the challenge, I know it wasn't the scrapes and scratches!

We just got back from a visit home and while we were outside shooting hoops I noticed a tree in my Dad's front yard that was a great climbing tree...big branches and a low base. I can't imagine why we have never tried climbing it before! Really though, Tuck is my climber. He use to pull out the two bottom drawers in our kitchen and shimmy along the counter to open the doors for snacks. The other two never climbed up on the cabinet. Funny how each one comes up with something different on their own.

So anyway, I climbed up into the tree first, just to see if I could still do it and a little voice said "Mom can you help me get up in the tree"? After replacing flip flops with tennis shoes, up we went. It was great and so much fun. I really needed the childhood tomboy moment to be a kid again!
It was great to go visit and we got to stay a whole week which was fabulous!
Thanks Mom, Dad, Aunt Ann, Trista, and the whole McDougal family for a wonderful time!
We love and miss you all
Hugs, K

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A visit back in time...

The last time we were in San Antonio was three years ago so Tuck was too young to remember the Alamo. And since Keyto and I are such lovers of history, we had to stop by again. It was hot and the place was packed, but we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through.

Of course, when we got back home we had to watch the movie!

It was great for Tuck's imagination to have just been there. I wish I could have heard his thoughts as he was watching and trying to relate to what he had seen at the Alamo.

Next time we go to Austin we have to go back to the Capital since Tuck has never been there and studied Texas history this last year. Keyto and I could go everytime we go to Austin!

I hope you are all having a great summer. We are heading home for a nice long visit!

See you soon:)

Hugs, K

Guiness Book of World Records

Our last day in San Antonio we ventured out again.
Keyto really wanted to check out the Guiness Book of World Records.

Largest Man in the world with smallest head!! Ha!

B and Joe DiMaggio

How many drum beats can you get in 60 seconds?

I honestly don't remember what they were doing in here!!
I tried talking them into the wax museum, but it was a no go!

Hugs, K

Baseball in SA

We went to San Antonio for a baseball tournament and a mini vacation. It was just the boys and I, but we had a very nice time. We swam at the hotel, got lost downtown with some other players and parents which led to our first TAXI ride ever! We ate on the River Walk, toured the Alamo, and checked out The Guiness Book of World Records museum.

It was unanimous that while San Antonio has great sites and activities we wouldn't want to live there and didn't want to go back anytime soon (there was a slight chance we might have gone back for more baseball). Brando was slightly nervous the 2nd night we ventured downtown on our own and it was about 9:00 and we were trying to find our bus to take us back to the hotel. Keyto and Tuck were oblivious to any of the shady characters walking the streets, but B, well, he was beggin to ride in another TAXI to get us off the street corner. So, I gave in and the taxi ended up only costing 2.00 more than the bus! It was an experience! But, I was so proud of all of us for adventuring out and not being scared and sitting in the hotel room.

Hugs, K

PC Crepe Hearts

Total yumminess!!
Aren't these colors amazing???
This was the Crepe Paper Hearts we made.
The teacher was AnnDenise and she is so amazingly talented, I can't even describe to you how gorgeous all of her items were at the vendor fair. If you ever get a chance to take one of her classes, DO!!

This is the class kit and cute place setting she had ready for us.

She is so thoughtful and share all of her ruffled crepe paper and fabric scraps with us.

This is my finished heart.

I love it!!

She brought rolls and rolls of ruffled crepe paper!

She made these cute little badges for us!

Happy crafting!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Polka Dots

I finally got my polka dotted kitchen curtains made and up!
I made them so that I can pull them open to see outside. I love having all these windows in my house, so I try not to cover them up completely. I like leaving either the top or bottom open.
You can also see on the left where I hung my little soldered house.
Have a super day!

Shaved Ice & Summer Nights

Hot summer night sitting in the front yard munching on blue Kool Aide Shaved Ice!



Paper Cowgirl Soldering

Hi there strangers! Sorry so long in posting. I had been having some trouble getting my pics to load, but I think I've got it fixed now. I have lots to post over the next day or so. We are going home on Wednesay for a week! I can't wait. We haven't been home since February and never stayed this long at once, so hopefully we will be able to relax and visit with ALL our friends and family!
I know PC was a month ago, but I am just so proud and still excited about all that I learned so hopefully you will still find it exciting! I hear they are doing a mini PC in October. I would love to attend, the classes will be so fabulous.
Okay, so the above pic is our darling class kits by Miss Tina, who is amazingly talented with a soldering iron. You should have seen some of the gorgeous pieces she had for sale at the vendor night!

Here she is getting ready to give us our demonstration on soldering
One side of my little glass house!

The other side of my little glass house!
I am very excited about soldering now. Tina gave great instruction and I don't think I am as scared or apprehensive of it. I can't wait to get started on some Halloween charms!
Have a super day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paper Cowgirl ATC's

This is the start of my ATC's I made to trade at Paper Cowgirl.
I had never done an ATC before so it was a learning experience and lots of fun.
We made 22 to trade plus 2 more to give to the PC creators!

This is my finished card all wrapped up and ready to go.

There is a little flower under the red bandana.

I used my charcoal pencil to create the dots and smeared them with my finger a little bit.

This is all thebeautiful and creative ATC's that I received!
So much fun to see the different ideas and techniques that each girl used.

Have a super day!
Hugs, K

Wally's Fun in the Sun

This is Wally's pool!
He likes it about half full (if it is full he won't get in).
He likes it to be cool and clean water!
He gets in and does a couple of circles then starts splashin' and finally will sit down.

And of course, the best part, is rollin' around in the grass afterward.
Wally's version of slip 'n sliddin'!
That is if you can catch a turn in between those wild boys!
Slip N Slide has since been thrown away due to it being a big health hazard!
The white strip in the middle was cutting into the boys...Tuck has two really bad cuts and if they had been any deeper might have needed stitches.
WE are on the look out for a new "Shark" one.
Stay cool and have a great Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boys of Summer Part II

The boys dug out the slip n slide this weekend and the games were on!

This is how Keyto and Tuck learned to do the baseball slide. That is what they are playing in most of the pictures. One of them stands to the side and throws the ball to the catcher (at the end of the slide) and tries to get the runner out.

Tuck doesn't like water in his face, so every slide at the end he turns.

At first B wasn't playing, but then later on couldn't stand to miss out on the fun or competitivness his brothers had going on. Wally looks for every bit of shade he can find!

Patiently waiting for big brother to MOVE!

Look at that form, he is the Slip N Slide King!

More pics tomorrow of how Wally cools off!

Also, more Paper Cowgirl pics. Until then though, if you can't wait, you can click on the Paper Cowgirl button on the top left or click on Tina or Cindy (yapping cat) in the previous post to see their blogs and pics!