Thursday, June 26, 2008

Balloon Festival

Waxahachie had a Balloon Festival last weekend and since Brandan didn't play until 12:00 we decided to get up and go. Well...Tucker and Keyton both said the night before they would go, but when it came down to it Saturday morning at 6:00 Keyto decided NOT! Tucker was a trooper though and jumped right out of bed. I even tried enticing the other two with breakfast out at BUBBA's, but still no go!

We had a great time and really enjoyed watching them take off. There was about 30 balloons in all. The majority took off from a field just north of the airport where we were. There were 9 that took off from our location.

Tucker also enjoyed the old and new small airplanes. He loved the HUGE GIANT Lion slide. It was very cool.
Have a happy day...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy One Year!

Can you believe it? It's been one year today since we loaded up the house, the kids, the dog, and the cats and moved! I can't believe it. We have gone through so much in the last 18 months (all started that day in October when Brent got the call from Frito). I look back and am proud of what we have learned, how we have grown, and changed. We have had lots of ups and downs (honestly more downs than ups, but that is how we grow and learn...right?). The boys of course have had more ups and have succeeded in everything from sports to school to friends. So proud of them!

We still have some rough days and don't quite feel at home here yet, but I think we are a little more settled and comfortable than we were last summer. Brent just got a new job with Frito that should be better than over the road. He will be in the Dallas area everyday, and home most weekends and holidays. Congrats!

Trista is here this week. We are meeting tonight to see Sex In The City!! So excited. I need a little girl time. The boys may be in shock that I won't be home after work to wait on them, but it will be good for them.

Toodle-looo...have a great day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What a Weekend

We had a great weekend! On Saturday we took the boys plus one friend to Hurricane Harbor. It was our boys first time! They had so much fun. Tucker wore me out going from one pool/area to another. Brent and the big boys rode all the slides. It was perfect weather. It didn't get too crowed until the afternoon. The boys decided they liked it better than Six Flags!

Brent had a nice Father's Day! The boys cooked him a strawberry cake and I fixed ribs and steak. He did do the yard, but the boys helped and the rest of the day was for lounging and napping.

I really enjoyed the weekend myself. I didn't put on a drop of makeup all weekend! It was great to just be with the boys and not have to be running around.

This coming weekend we are back to baseball and will be for about the next four weekends.

Tuck and Keyto are at soccer camp this week at the High School. Tuck was a little weary of going without me, but I know he will be fine with Keyto there. It will be good for both of them to get some skills training.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Awards

Yesterday Keyton had his End of the Year Awards Ceremony. I took off and met Brent and Tuck at the school. Keyto also had a part in the skit they performed. He did a great job with his lines and was very funny. Keyton rec'd three awards. We are so proud of him. I can't believe he will be in 6th grade next year. He is becoming a very admirable young man. Sorry about the bad lighting, it was in the cafeteria. Don't forget you can double click on the pic to make it bigger.

I am busy getting ready for Tuck's Graduation, Awards and End of School Party. It is all tomorrow. I took the day off to be with the boys. My neighbors and I are giving our kids a little End of School Party here on the block tomorrow. Will be a busy day.

Gotta go finish party stuff. Will show pics of everything one day this week.

The Alligator

Brent went with Tuck to the Zoo the first of May and took this cute picture. They had a great time. Brent had just bought a new camera for "him". He was swatting at a Bee and FLUNG the camera. 2nd day he had it! Needless to say Walmart took it back and he got another. I like that he has his own. He actually takes some pics of me and the boys together.