Sunday, December 28, 2008

A little late

but I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Here are a few pictures of our house decorated for the holidays. I meant to post before Christmas, but had so many other kids activities I wanted to post. I love all the pink vintage ornaments, but with boys I have always decorated with bright red and kelly or lime green.
The little tree with the red polka dot background (curtains that need to be made) is in the window by my kitchen sink. The little red frame/stand is from The Dove's Nest in our downtown district. I hung a vintage ornament with ribbon from it. I also placed Tuck's gingerbread house up here.
I love all the lights, and wanted to put some on our mantel, but didn't want to use the artificial garland so I put green boa on top of the red lights.
Last year we threw away our artificial tree that we had forever. That Christmas it was leaning and half the lights weren't working. I guess it didn't appreciate the moving van that moved it here. This year we didn't want to pay the astronomical prices for a new artificial tree, so I bought this little white one at the Dollar store and next year it will go in the window above our front door. I think it will be great. The boys decorated this tree themselves with all the ornaments they have made or received through the years. You can see the bottom right is very crowded! I just didn't have the heart to move anything. They are very proud of their tree.
Will post pics later of the boys opening presents.

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