Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Faves from 2012 - Part II

Brandan's first tuxedo! 
Jr. Sr. Prom

My boys and their dates before the Baseball Banquet!
Very cool having two players there...one finishing and one beginning.

Brothers for life and brothers in baseball!

Brandan's graduation!
Keyton and Makenzie were asked to participate in a Quincinera in August.
Keyton's first tuxedo!

Silly kids!  Love watching them play around and make each other smile :)

Moved Brandan into his dorm at FPC!

Our last moments before we leave B at school...

First day of Intermediate-5th grade

All by himself at the high school this year!
Big Sophomore!

Drum roll.....
Presenting the Sophomore Homecoming Prince and Princess!!
So proud!

Riding in the Homecoming Parade!

Fun times at Thanksgiving!
Surgery for B in Amarillo then to Lubbock to recuperate!

Proud to say he is recovering exceptionally well!
This is happiness!

My Baseball Favorites from 2012

 (Brandan's signing with Frank Philips Jr. College)
Yep, here I am, it's the beginning of 2013 and of course I am all gung ho to post in my blog!
We'll see how long it lasts!
I want to post some of my favorite photos from 2012, and since baseball is numero uno priority, I thought I would showcase the baseball pics in a post of their own!

Brandan's last time to play at Ranger stadium.

Keyton is back in the game as a HAWK!
Loved watching this boy pick right back up where he left off 5 years ago!

Here's Tuck getting hit by a pitch and taking it like the big boys!!
Never a tear, weeell, until his dad hit him in the face with a grounder at practice one fine day!

Last year of high school baseball before moving onto bigger, better and more challenging.
All three of these boys can pitch!

And lookee here!  My Keyton put on the catcher's gear and did an amazing job!

Not only does he catch, he also pitches, plays 1st, 2nd and out field!
Brandan played his last season with the Arlington A's summer of '12
His Premier World Championship was in Springfield Missouri.
I have to say that I love the state of Missouri!
The people are so friendly and it really is pretty there.

Springfield's Minor League Field was the site of Opening Ceremonies.

Keyton played in his first World Series in FlowerMound, Texas.
He was MVP for his team for the entire tournament.
I missed alot of the games due to leaving for Missouri, but sure was proud of him!

Tuck attended his first Red Oak Hawk Baseball Camp.
(Just between you and me, it sure ain't no MHS Plainsman Camp like we all know and love :)
The temperature was probabaly 102!  Tucker was sweatin' like crazy!

Camp is hard work!
Buntin' like the best of 'em!
And lastly, one at one of my top 5 favorite fields (out of 100 or more).
This is the Optomist Field in downtown Waxahachie, Texas.
Trees surround the fields and to top it all off...a train runs through regularly.
Love it!!
Hugs to you all and I hope you enjoy the pics.
I'll be back to post more of 2012 and hopefully continue the fun!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

College Bound

We had B's official college signing in February. 
He is very excited to be attending
Frank Phillips Junior College next fall.
I am so proud of him.
Now onto the hard part, these last few months of high school.
I've got my running shoes on and my day planner handy for all the activities.

The coach on the left has been the Varsity assistant since before B started high school.
The coach to his right is new to RO this year.

Very proud brothers (although I think one is very anxious to take over his room)!

Hugs, K

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Frog baseball

Keyton is playing on a Select baseball team...
Horned Frogs
Love those purple jerseys!
They played three tournaments in a row and won two Championships!!
We are looking foward to watching them this summer.

 Now that's a baseball player!
Hugs, K

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

What an amazing year 2011 was for our family!
The best in a long time!
I thought I would give a little recap since I didn't get to post much this last year.

In January, I was very blessed to attend CHA in California with the owner of my LSS!
It was so much fun and I can't even begin to describe the inspiration and all that I learned.
I was a very blessed girl to get to go.
I feel deep in my heart that I will go again someday because I have a dream of what I might do...
I met several of my FAVE ladies whom I admire very much in the paper arts world.
Here I am with Margie Romney-Aslett!
She is amazing, so very genuine and sweet!  I love all her designs and projects!

Here we have Rhonna Ferrar and Janet Hopkins who were two of the three creative minds behind House of 3!  I would loved to have met Heidi Swapp but she was away at the moment.
I love all that these ladies design, but I also admire the way they live their lives and their positive outlook on life!

Keyton ran Cross Country and Track this last year.
I am so proud of him for trying new things and never being intimidated or afraid.
He did very well and was fun to watch.

Big Year for Keyton!
He started dating his sweet girlfriend, Makenzie.
I love having a girl around!

Brandan had an exciting year in baseball (more to come).
He and Brent made the trip to Atlanta for Perfect Game for the second year.
I took him to Joplin for the second year.  I am really gonna miss those summer road trips with my boys, but you never know...

Keyton and Tucker were lucky dudes who got to spend a week with Nana and PaPA who took them to Corpus Christi for a week of fun and adventure.

(not sure how to get this next pic back centered and as long as it took me to load all these pics,
 there is no way I am gonna mess with it now)

Brandan was quite lucky himself when Nana and Papa told him they were taking him on a WEEK long cruise to Jamaica and Mexico!!

We were very excited when we found out B's club baseball team was going to be playing in a tournament at Texas Tech in Lubbock!
It was so much fun to see some of his old teammates and all our family and friends who came out to watch.  Our team played a Coronado team in one of the games.  It was fun seeing Brent's High school colors on the field versus Brandan :)  We did win of course!

The best family and friends ever!

One of the highlights of my year was getting a job at Tucker's school.
I can't begin to explain or describe how huge this is for me.
It has been a goal of mine for the last 3 1/2 years to get a job with the school system.
Actually, it was something I had thought about when we lived in Lubbock.
I am so blessed and happy to have this position.  It is a joy to see Tucker everyday!
It is also a big school year in that
B is a SENIOR!
Keyton is a FRESHMAN!
Tucker is in his LAST year of Elementary school!

Big year for Keyton in that he made the decision to play high school baseball.
More importantly...he loves it and is doing so well (we always knew he was a great baseball player) :)

Tucker started pitching this Fall!

We have been blessed this last year with these beautiful girls coming in and out!
Hmmmm, wonder what the draw is to our house??

Keyton's first HOMECOMING!
And more importantly...an opportunity for me to make mums!!
It was Camo day at school.  Don't worry, they didn't wear the camo to the games!

We made our first trip to the State Fair.
Had a taste of fried oreos, fried snickers, fried bubblegum (nasty), roasted corn, corn dogs...
It was great, so glad we went!

Brandan and Keyton got to play on the first baseball team ever!
I think it was a lot of fun for both of them!

My Aunt Ann traveled to RO to attend a weekend scrapbook retreat with me!
It was a blast.  She is the best :)

My Senior played in the Senior vs. Faculty Basketball game
Don't ya love his arm tattos??

I justt love this pic so had to stick it in...

Brandan and his buddies were the First Annual Dodge Ball Champions!

Brandan committed to Frank Phillips Jr. College in Borger, Texas with a baseball scholarship!
We are so PROUD of him.
Another goal/dream realized in 2011!

Well, it  has been awesome!
I am so grateful for all the wonderful days in 2011.
2012 is gonna be huge.
With B graduating and going off to college, there are many changes in store for all of us in 2012!
 I know it will be great. 
Hugs, K