Friday, January 30, 2009


Do YOU have it? One definition of passion: an endless amount of energy to persue your goal! Love it!

That was the topic of the speaker last night at our FIRST OFFICIAL HIGH SCHOOL Baseball Parent's Meeting!! One of the guest speakers is the Bullpen Coach for the Florida Marlins. He was very interesting and inspiring. He definately had all the boy's attention, including Tuck!
I am very excited to get started on this new journey Brandan has worked so hard for. They start try outs today and last for a week or two. He will be scrimmaging tomorrow as part of the tryouts, so in between basketball, we will be baseballin'! Thank goodness for the sunshine tomorrow.
Have a wonderful Friday, I know I am!
(pic taken last spring/summer 09)

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Regina said...

Kudos to Brando! I hope everything turns out great and look forward to checking back for all the baseball updates. Enjoy your day, it's going to be GORGEOUS!!