Sunday, January 11, 2009

100th Post and a Tribute

Happy 100th post to me! I can't believe I actually made it. Of course, it took me longer than it would most people, but I did it.
I wanted my 100th post to be special, so I want to make it a tribute to my Uncle George.

He is married to my Dad's sister, the Aunt that we celebrated her 60th birthday back in November. My uncle is a son, brother, husband, father, uncle and friend. He has four amazing children and two adorable grandchildren. My Aunt and Uncle have been a very important and active part of my boys lives since the day my oldest was born.

He is very special to all of us. When we lived in Lubbock, he came to practically every one of my boys sporting events. The only time he or my Aunt missed was if they had another engagement or was not feeling well, which rarely happend. They were there rain, wind, blowing dirt, or freezing wind chills. Since we moved here I really miss watching the games with them and my Dad.

The other memory that stands out to me is the time he spent with Tucker. I would call Uncle George to see if he had a little time to watch Tuck while I got my haircut or went to a PTA meeting. He always said yes! He and Tuck have a special relationship as Great Uncle and nephew. I would pull up in front of their house and there they would be sitting in the porch swing just chatting away.

My uncle has been fighting cancer for almost two years now. He is strong and has fought hard. He and my Aunt are on our minds everyday. We love you guys!

I thank you all so much for reading my blog and for the love and friendship. I know you are busy and usually just read and don't comment, but leave me a comment and I'll pick a name for a gift-away. I love to mail little somethings to friends, so leave a little note. I have crafting and non-crafting readers, so when I know the recipient, I'll post the gift. I want to give the commenter something they will enjoy.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Mrs.College Station said...

Congratulations on the Big 100!! I'm so proud of you and always love reading what you have been up too along with keeping up with the boys. I didn't know about your uncle George but I will keep him in my prayers that he continues to fight strong and beat this horrible illness. Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing number 200! Boy does that make you feel tired already? Check out my blog when you get a chance.
Love ya girl,