Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Otherwise known as Wally, or our chokit yab (as Tuck called him a few years ago). Now Wally used to live in Lubbock in a really cool doghouse my dad built. This was a plain on the inside, not tricked out like my Dad's dog's house. Not tricked out...because Wallace would chew up the carpet lined walls, drag out the blankets into the frigid wind chill, and we didn't trust him with a heat lamp since there was no telling what he might do to it. The only time he was allowed in the house (mudroom actually) was with temps in the 30s or there was snow and ice on the ground. in Dallas (where it is way warmer in the winter) he has become quite spoiled! He is very scared of the North Texas thunderstorms, so instead of seeking the dry and warm shelter of our shed (sealed and has blankets) he runs from door to window to window in the rain, wind, sleet, and oh lets say 40-60 DEGREE weather (when there is no rain or snow) wanting in to sleep in this teeny tiny cage (click on pic to see him closer)! He uses the side for his pillow. I told my oldest son the other day he needed some bumper pads like in a baby crib!

He is just spoiled rotten. When I go in the kitchen in the morning to start my coffee, he raises one eyebrow and opens one eye to look at me. To get him out to pee, I have to crawl halfway into the cage to grab his collar and pull him out! Crazy Dog! Gotta love 'em though.

Have a great Thursday! It's my last day at work for the week. My best friend is coming in from home and we are spending Friday and Saturday doing girl stuff! I am soooo looking foward to it.


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