Monday, January 12, 2009

Calling the Tooth Fairy

Tucker lost his first top tooth today at school. He said they were watching a movie and he was wiggling it and it fell out! Thank goodness! I am usually the one to pull them and it gives me the heebiejeebies! He was very excited since he has only lost two teeth. I guess since he got his first FOUR teeth all at once they are taking their time coming out. He looks so cute! He is very excited for the Tooth Fairy to visit since all his Christmas money has been spent! He has high expectations on what the tooth fairy will leave.
Today was a busy day at work. It is starting to pick up again. Although, we got some bad news at the store today. Well, actually it's good for me, but bad for a couple of the other girls. Corporate is cutting our hours. It's only 3 hours! I am grateful to still have a job and it really gives me a little more time with the boys AND allows Brent to go to work on time at least one day a week. It could be way worse...I just feel bad for the single mom who struggles.
Brando has finals this week so he has been studying hard. Keyto has benchmarks this week and lots of basketball. Tuck has normal school and lots of basketball. Both boys won their games on Saturday. The both had quite a few shots on the basket, but no points. Tuck is handling the ball really well and has started making a few shots in practice. I think he is getting use to the height of the goal and building up those muscles.
Gotta go help Brando study. Have a good Tuesday.

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