Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Just to vent a minute (since I rarely do it) so I don't explode. You know how it is...something you can't get out of your head, but don't like confrontation.

It is so frustrating to find out AFTER the fact that Someone is mad at You for something You agreed to do with a Third Party (innocent bystander) because Third Party was excited about doing it, but that Someone had also done in the past, so therefore you figured it was acceptable!

Also, to find out that You were supposed to have done something, which You knew nothing about (was discussed among two Other People unbeknownst to You) and yet, You are the bad guy. Frustrating when You have no details as to what the plan is, yet You are supposed to plan for it and be prepared I guess for whatever was decided on without including You (sorry for run-ons, spelling, etc.).

Thanks a bunch, I feel better for getting it out of my system...carry on and have a gret day.

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