Wednesday, February 4, 2009

With a Sad heart

My Uncle George passed away on Monday (my 100th post was a tribute to him back in January). I won't be back blogging until Sunday. We are leaving tomorrow to go home for his memorial service.

We will miss him very much. He was like another Grandfather to my boys. I think the characteristic I can say I most admire in him was his devotion to family.

You always hear that statement about how when you die you can't take the material objects or the time you worked with you, but that all the moments you impacted other's lives with your time and attention will be remembered. As a mother I have also heard it related in the way of, do you want your children to remember how you were too busy to spend time with them or remember all the special little moments you took too spend time with them. I know this isn't written well, but what I am trying to say is that he always put his family first. He did work and provide well for his family, but when he was home, his priority was his family. He and my Aunt raised four amazing children. They still go home for holidays, birthdays, and weekly dinners. My Uncle was always thoughtful when it came to my Aunt's birthday, their anniversary, and Mother's day. Anytime someone in the extended families married or pasted away they traveled to support those families. They were loyal attendees of all family reunions. He set a wonderful example as the head of their family. I know without a doubt his sons will carry on with that same spirit.

His memories will always be in our hearts.

I will return this weekend with pictures from home. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the warm sunshine with your families!



cindy said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry for your loss. Yes, we must keep their memories and love in our hearts. Always. Please be safe while traveling. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Chick-a-dilly said...

Thanks Cindy! You're a sweetheart!

Pam said...

So sorry to hear about Uncle George passing. I will always remember him at the baseball games, his spirit was never ending!

Chick-a-dilly said...

Pam, thank you, I appreciate your kind thoughts.

Mrs.College Station said...

I am so so sad to hear about your Uncle George. I remember sitting at the boys baseball games with him and your aunt. He loved watching and cheering on Keto and was always his biggest fan. I'm sure there will be a huge hole in your family that only he could fill.