Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Proud Day

Tucker received the most awesome awards yesterday! The biggest was for Languarge Arts/Reading. He is reading at a level 25!! This isn't even a first grade level. He reads chapter books now! AMAZING! He reads to me every night for about 15 minutes and it is unbelievable the words he is able to figure out. He has a super teacher, Mrs. Thompson. What a smart guy!
Keyto had Student Council yesterday and had to take the roll call. He was very talkative when I picked him up from school, good things are happening! He has been quite the social butterfly lately. Two birthday parties in the last couple of weeks and another one this Sunday. All that along with successful soccer/basketball games makes a very happy Keyto.
We have a parent baseball meeting this Thurs. night. I am very excited to get into High School Baseball. I'm looking foward to meeting and hanging out with the Moms. He will be scrimmaging all day Saturday, luckily the temps are supposed to go back into the 60's by then.
Have a great day!

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Regina said...

Wow Kerri that's awesome about Tuck reading at that level. I can hear "Proud Mama" coming out. You know that's one thing that he will treasure his entire life is the love of reading. His little mind will just be a sponge and will delight in all the things that God puts in front of him. Congratulations Tuck!!! Keep up the great work.