Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boys of Summer Part II

The boys dug out the slip n slide this weekend and the games were on!

This is how Keyto and Tuck learned to do the baseball slide. That is what they are playing in most of the pictures. One of them stands to the side and throws the ball to the catcher (at the end of the slide) and tries to get the runner out.

Tuck doesn't like water in his face, so every slide at the end he turns.

At first B wasn't playing, but then later on couldn't stand to miss out on the fun or competitivness his brothers had going on. Wally looks for every bit of shade he can find!

Patiently waiting for big brother to MOVE!

Look at that form, he is the Slip N Slide King!

More pics tomorrow of how Wally cools off!

Also, more Paper Cowgirl pics. Until then though, if you can't wait, you can click on the Paper Cowgirl button on the top left or click on Tina or Cindy (yapping cat) in the previous post to see their blogs and pics!

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