Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wally's Fun in the Sun

This is Wally's pool!
He likes it about half full (if it is full he won't get in).
He likes it to be cool and clean water!
He gets in and does a couple of circles then starts splashin' and finally will sit down.

And of course, the best part, is rollin' around in the grass afterward.
Wally's version of slip 'n sliddin'!
That is if you can catch a turn in between those wild boys!
Slip N Slide has since been thrown away due to it being a big health hazard!
The white strip in the middle was cutting into the boys...Tuck has two really bad cuts and if they had been any deeper might have needed stitches.
WE are on the look out for a new "Shark" one.
Stay cool and have a great Tuesday.

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