Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mom & Boy in Trees

Tuck and I tree climbing
(this pic should be last, but somehow I deleted it and now it is first...oh well!)

Step One: a little push

Step Two: proper foot placement makes for a LESS AWKWARD climb

Step three: up I go!

Step Four: get settled for bird and puppy dog watching (other side of fence just below us)

Did you watch that show...Men In Trees? I did and really liked it, seems like every show I really like they discontinue at some point or other!! Trying to think of a post title reminded me of the show. I also really enjoyed climbing trees (and anything else) when I was younger. I think it was the challenge, I know it wasn't the scrapes and scratches!

We just got back from a visit home and while we were outside shooting hoops I noticed a tree in my Dad's front yard that was a great climbing tree...big branches and a low base. I can't imagine why we have never tried climbing it before! Really though, Tuck is my climber. He use to pull out the two bottom drawers in our kitchen and shimmy along the counter to open the doors for snacks. The other two never climbed up on the cabinet. Funny how each one comes up with something different on their own.

So anyway, I climbed up into the tree first, just to see if I could still do it and a little voice said "Mom can you help me get up in the tree"? After replacing flip flops with tennis shoes, up we went. It was great and so much fun. I really needed the childhood tomboy moment to be a kid again!
It was great to go visit and we got to stay a whole week which was fabulous!
Thanks Mom, Dad, Aunt Ann, Trista, and the whole McDougal family for a wonderful time!
We love and miss you all
Hugs, K

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