Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baseball in SA

We went to San Antonio for a baseball tournament and a mini vacation. It was just the boys and I, but we had a very nice time. We swam at the hotel, got lost downtown with some other players and parents which led to our first TAXI ride ever! We ate on the River Walk, toured the Alamo, and checked out The Guiness Book of World Records museum.

It was unanimous that while San Antonio has great sites and activities we wouldn't want to live there and didn't want to go back anytime soon (there was a slight chance we might have gone back for more baseball). Brando was slightly nervous the 2nd night we ventured downtown on our own and it was about 9:00 and we were trying to find our bus to take us back to the hotel. Keyto and Tuck were oblivious to any of the shady characters walking the streets, but B, well, he was beggin to ride in another TAXI to get us off the street corner. So, I gave in and the taxi ended up only costing 2.00 more than the bus! It was an experience! But, I was so proud of all of us for adventuring out and not being scared and sitting in the hotel room.

Hugs, K

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