Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A visit back in time...

The last time we were in San Antonio was three years ago so Tuck was too young to remember the Alamo. And since Keyto and I are such lovers of history, we had to stop by again. It was hot and the place was packed, but we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through.

Of course, when we got back home we had to watch the movie!

It was great for Tuck's imagination to have just been there. I wish I could have heard his thoughts as he was watching and trying to relate to what he had seen at the Alamo.

Next time we go to Austin we have to go back to the Capital since Tuck has never been there and studied Texas history this last year. Keyto and I could go everytime we go to Austin!

I hope you are all having a great summer. We are heading home for a nice long visit!

See you soon:)

Hugs, K

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