Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paper Cowgirl Welcome

A true cowgirl welcome with Sunflowers tied up with a pink bandana!

Tina and Cindy are the two amazingly talented ladies who created the Paper Cowgirl Retreat.

They have been working on it for many months and the time and attention they put into it was evident with every little detail. I had a great time and truly enjoyed my classes, lunches, vendor fair, and social time. These ladies thought of everything. I hope this event continues to grow and that many more ladies will get to attend and be apart of this fun and talented group of women. Next time I hope to talk my MIL, Aunt, and BFF into going!!

More pics to come of my classes, the vendors and my "finished" projects!

Hugs, K

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cindy said...

I'm so glad you got to come and join us! It was fun, what wee bit of time we got to hang out. And sorry that I never called about the badges...I put em off to long and made Tee do em with me till 1:30 in the morning that Thursday night! HEeeeeeee! :D But we need to meet up at TCS one night and do one of the crops!!!!!
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