Monday, March 30, 2009

My Space

Today, I thought I would post some girl stuff. I post a lot about the boys for family, so today, since we didn't have ANY games OR practices over the weekend, I will post some of my favorite items and spots in my house.

It is funny how easily this room has come together. It really is complete bliss for me when I have some downtime to play in here. I have never had my own craft room before. When we bought the little couch for this room (see below), the cover had some pink in it, which worried me since I have always tried to stay away from decorating with pink because of the boys. When you are out numbered, it is kinda hard to go against the troops wishes. Brent said no problem. I have found so many cute items with the combinations of red, pink, and green.

This is my desk that Brent made for me from two old doors that we got from my BFF (you will notice in this post she has a huge influence on my decorating)! I painted the desk and chair (found at a garage sale). There are crystal cabinet door knobs on the top corners of the chair. The chair cushion is covered in red polka dot fabric. I think I am going to recover the lampshade in Tanya Whelan's fabric Darla. The little table under the desk and the book shelf my hubby made with my directions. I had him line the outside edges of the shelf with a decorative wood trim. My pens and pencils are in an antique china sugar holder with pink flowers. The little green sign under the shelf says petals. I love flowers! The heart with wings and fabulous came from a fabulous booth at Canton!

This is the shelf over my desk. It was a birthday gift from my BFF, Trista. It was black and I painted it white! Those little jars I got just last week at an estate sale for less than $2.00! They will also be good for the little wildflowers Tuck brings in for me. I will show you some of my other finds in tomorrow's post.

This is where I create. I love my chandelier. It came from Target and was apart of Rachel Ashwell's line.
That candleabra was one of my favorite Ebay finds/purchases. The pink frame with the crowns is another Birtday gift from BFF. Doesn't she have great taste! I am so blessed!

Wow, there is another birthday gift from BFF, the pillow with the pink chandelier came from TeresaSheeley's esty shop. I told BFF about this shop because a lot of her stuff is sooo Trista. Next thing I knew that pillow was in the mail for me! I found the picture at a thrift store stuck under some other "junk". That is my pink/green/red couch from Ikea. Dudley (the cat), the boys and I all love it. Very comfy.

This is an heirloom that my Great Grandmother Kate crocheted. My sweet Aunt Ann had it framed for us when we got married. It is very special to my heart. I will have to post another time about all my teapots I have inherited.

Just a sweet sign to remind me each day. BFF also bought the same sign. Great minds think alike! Now if we could just get her to post on her blog...that would be some major eye candy!

I found this little metal magnet board at Target and loved the colors, bird and saying.

So, this is my very own room for crafting, blogging, reading, pilateing (i know it's not a word, but it sounds good with the others), and watching TV. It is at the front of the house with a pretty arched window looking out into the front yard. Many times, as I 'm crafting, I will feel little eyes piercing into me...yep, there they are, either mine or one of the thirty kids we have in the neighborhood checking to see what I am up to and give a friendly wave and say "hi Ms. Kerri"! I love 'em all. It is the best thing about our neighborhood.

We had a great weekend. It was kinda weird not having any games, but nice and mellow. Although, we will have to make up at least two of the games.

Brent and I went to the Lawn and Garden show. I got some sweet smelling soaps for a few little gifts coming up and Tuck a bluebonnet plant already blooming.I got some flowers planted, Brent mowed the back yard and sprayed those gosh awful grassy weeds that see to be taking over. We gave Wally a bubble bath and boy did he feel GOOOD afterward! I finally finally made it to Hobby Lobby (30 min. away) and spent my giftcard. Then to leave one sack behind!:( Very disappointed girl I was when I realized it was missing once I got HOME (remember 30 min. away). They were closed and wouldn't reopen until this morning. But, my hubby went and picked it up for me, so alls good!:) In that sack was a couple of cute items to go with my Paper Cowgirl Retreat I am going to. I am looking foward to some swaps with those gals over the next couple of months!
Well, this is a long post, I hope you are still with me. I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into my little space. I know I enjoy reading about all of yours.

Have a fabulous day.


cindy said...

LOL! I have the same sign in my studio too! Great minds eh? What a wonderful little space you have! I love it. It's great to have your own little spot.


Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Kerri, this is a GREAT and inspiring place! I wish mine was so clean and pretty! Love love loving the antique white mirror thing (sorry, I don't know what it's called!) So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us.