Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hawk Baseball

These are some pictures of Brandan's tournament that I mentioned in the previous post. They played 4 games total. The Championship was against Midlothian. It was the BEST game I have seen in a while. The teams were very evenly matched and played their hearts out. There were some awesome plays that you could just tell the boys were giving 125%! The umpires were for the most part pretty fair and coaches, parents, and players on both teams were well behaved.
The game went to the 10th inning (about 2.5hrs) until Midlothian finally scored 1 run. Even though we lost 0-1, the boys finally had some great competition which will give them an idea of what they need to work on, although in the whole game....only TWO errors! WOW!
The tournament was great for me too, in that I got the meet and spend more time with a lot of the Moms. I took 2 hour lunches on Thur. and Fri. so that I could drive to R.O. to see their games each day. Then on Saturday, we fed the boys Chicken Express since they had been living on concession stand food for the two previous days. They were all very nice. I felt once again like I was apart of something and belonged!

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Pam said...

Great job Brandan! Sounds like high school ball is going to be a great season for everyone.