Monday, March 16, 2009

Outta Sorts

It was an unusual weekend. The first of Spring Break (Yay)! We played lots of sports and it definately was NOT our weekend to win Championships. Although to get as far as all the teams did is pretty cool. Tuck's basketball season ended Friday night when they lost in the semi-finals. He was pretty disappointed. Then Keyton's indoor soccer season ended Saturday morning with a game for first place. Both teams were awesome and played their hearts out. The scoring went back and forth the whole game with the final being 5-6. Very proud of those kids though. Later that day Keyton's team won a basketball game to put them in the Season Finale Championship game. They had not lost one game all season! It was rough. They ended up losing to the one team they wanted to beat and did beat last year. Hard losing to a team that one of your friends went to play for (was on our team) and several other school friends.

The games this weekend were so intense that by the end of Keyton's last game I had a horrible pain in my neck from holding my shoulders tensed up. It didn't help that the parents of the team we played in Keyton's championship have the worst reputation as being the WORST sports. Very rude and disrespecful. Anyway...feeling better today thank goodness. I could hardly turn my neck Saturday night!
Crazy Cat! This is DUDLEY our 16 (almost 17) year old cat! He loves to snuggle with anyone who will sit still long enough. I'm not sure what is up with this sleeping position, but he certainly was enjoying it!
Have a good week!
P.S. Can't believe I forgot to mention....I saw the first of the Bluebonnets yesterday on our way to Arlington! Whoo Hoo! So excited for spring.

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