Monday, March 23, 2009


Tucker requested a HUGE 899 piece STAR WARS LEGGO set for his Birthday. We have never bought one of those big sets before. My other two aren't really the puzzle piecin' kinda kids who like that stuff and me not being a detailed hard core thinker (although I like a good old fashioned less than 500 piece puzzle) have never really pushed these tiny pieced Leggos on the boys.

BUT, my youngest is my little thinker/problem solver/puzzle put togetherer. He has always loved blocks, lincoln logs, puzzles... Anyway I call Brent from Wally World concerned over whether we should buy the $80 Leggos set Tuck requested. I was concerned mainly with WHO would be putting this together and WHEN. You know how kids are, they open it and they want to play with it immediately!

We decided on the next size down to start with and if Tuck wanted to exchange it for the requested one, he could. This one only had 688 pieces! Tuck loved it and we explained it might take until the weekend to get it put together (bday fell on Wednesday). Brent had taken the night off so that he could celebrate with us. He and Tuck got started right before bedtime...

I awoke the next morning to a completed Star Wars Clone Aircraft! Once he got started he couldn't stop! I kinda knew in the back of my mind that would happen! Wink!

It certainly helped in getting Tuck outta bed that morning!

Have a happy day!

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