Sunday, March 8, 2009

All I want for MY

BIRTHDAY is my TWO front teeth and anything STAR WARS!! We had our first birthday celebration on Sunday with a repeat of last years party. A jump house at our house! This little fella is like his big bro and is a home body. I tried every way I could to talk him into going somewhere for his party. My biggest arguement being the weather in March! Turned out it was sunny and eighty degrees with a perfect breeze! Tuck kept saying before the party "it's a great day for a party huh Mom?" And of course I kept replying "it IS a great day for a party Tuck"! He also wanted to know what time it was about 100 time in the hour before the party!
He had the best time with his buddies. It is fun to see him with his little group of buds that he will grow up with. I think of my two older boys and their friends and it warms my heart to see these little six and seven year olds forming lifetime friendships. It is nice that the Moms are pretty cool too!
Per Tuck's request, we are having breakfast burritos tomorrow morning, Brent is taking him McDonalds for lunch tomorrow, chocolate cupcakes with white icing and green sprinkles for an afternoon treat at school, and Chick Fil A for dinner! He wanted the Magic Time Machine, but we will have to go there on the weekend. It is too far and not enough time on a weeknight.
Hope you are having a Happy Day! We are looking foward to some rain in the next couple of days! Will be good for the bluebonnets and other wild flowers I am soooo looking foward to.

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