Sunday, March 8, 2009

Working the field

Although Brandan got to get out of school Thursday and Friday, he worked harder those two days and Saturday than if he had gone to school. Red Oak hosted a Freshman tournament Thursday - Saturday. There were eight teams entered. The coach picked 10 kids to miss school and meet at the field at 9:15 to help work the field in between games and anything else that needed to be done. On Saturday they had to be there at eight am. On top of working, they also played one game each day Thursday and Friday and two games on Saturday (one being the Championship)!
In the last picture, the lump on Brando's shoulder is ice. He sprained his wrist on Thursday sliding into a base so when he pitched (another no hitter, along with help from his awesome defense) on Friday, favoring his wrist caused his shoulder to ache.
Brent also got to do a little work (uhmm, he supposed to be working at least). This was the first time in all the years of sports and school stuff that he got to work anything. He worked the concessions on Friday and the gate on Saturday. It was great for him since he had already missed quite a few games. He got well acquainted with the boys, dad, and coach! He was certainly in his "element".

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