Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Stockyards

Two Mondays ago on MLK day the boys were out of school and Brent and I were off work, so we decided to do something different with the boys. I have been told that downtown Fort Worth and also The Stockyards in Fort Worth were very interesting and family friendly.
We decided to visit the stockyards and see The Fort Worth Herd.
Everyday at 11:30 and 4:00 REAL Cowboys herd the longhorns down East 28th street from their barn to the holding pens and back. The Stockyards are very historical and hold an important position in the history of Texas and the beginning of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Many of the barns have been turned into shopping and restaurants.
The architecture of the buildings, windows and doors (especially the barn doors)
was very interesting.
The old railroad tracks still run thru the middle and there is also an old train that you can ride.
Warning: there are lots of pictures to follow!
This is the beginning of the afternoon drive back to the barns where the Longhorn sleep.

It's amazing to see them so close. They are very calm and sloooooow.
Pretty much just ignored the crowds, guess they are use to the people.

Up close and personal!

Boys were taking pics to post on their Facebook pages.

Jail time...

A sweet girl offered to take a picture of us cow rustlers
This is the maze that Brandan and Tuck decided to conquer.
They found their way to the end in minutes, but were told they had to go back in and find all the letters MAZE and punch them out before they could leave. That took a lot longer!
Brando is an expert at mazes from his corn maze days in Lubbock!
One of the look out points in the maze and also a place to punch a letter.

Great Job!
It was actually during the Fort Worth Rodeo and Stock show while we were there.
This is where the rodeo is held. Beautiful building.
They boys found a buddy
What cutie pies!

One of the cool old buildings.
I want to go back here and eat sometime!
Hey, maybe the next time one of you come to visit we can go!! :)
This is where a lot of the stores and restaurants are. Use to be an old mule and pig barn

A couple of the day's attractions
Look at those HORNS!

The boys had a great time! It was a nice family day :)

Hugs, K

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Pam said...

I remember going there during an actual cattle auction many moons ago. Now this looks like fun!!