Thursday, January 7, 2010

Soccer Party & Faux Hawk

This is where Tucker's Soccer Party was held in DECEMBER! Isn't it awesome??
It is the recreational center in the town just north of us. Indoor water slide, lap pool, and little kid's play area.

Tucker and Coach Mike with trophy

Brent (obviously still a kid himself), Tucker and Keyton about to go down the slide.
Yes, I did the slide too, and loved it. It is a blast.

playin' and splashin'

Going down again.
Tucker and a friend's little brother wore Brent out taking them down over and over.

The last time Tuck got his hair cut, Denise (also our neighbor, friend, hairdresser, and wife of Keyto's soccer coach) put his hair up in a FauxHawk. Tucker wore it that way for about 2 weeks even in our family picture that was in our Christmas card. It took some time to fix each morning so luckily we haven't had to do it in awhile.

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