Thursday, January 7, 2010

Birthday Pics From Nov 29th

Me (remember no makeup), my boys, and my cake they made me.

I received some wonderful gifts from my Mom, Aunt Ann and Pam & Richard (inlaws). My mom got me a purse. I have been looking for one for a YEAR, some clothes (badly needed), some money, and as usual, some sweet very thoughtful little items. When growing up, there were always these smaller gifts that she included, like earrings, socks, know what I mean? I always looked foward to seeing what kind of special little things she had found for me.

My Aunt gave me one of the ski vests that are so popular right now. I have been wanting one. Mine is pink with a black scarf! Perfect!

Vintage Apron from my mil! Love it!

Vintage book cover with buttons also from my MIL!

Funny she got me this because I have been looking for vintage anything with my initials on it!

Sweet angel pillow ALSO from my MIL! Isn't she a great gifter!

Hope you've enjoyed this recap!
Hugs, K

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