Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Tree

This year we got a real tree! The first one in many years. We used to get one every year and that is what we both grew up with, but got tired of all the needles and got a fake one a long time ago. That fake one made the move with us, but was crooked and had some lights out the first year we were here. We retired it after that first Christmas here. Last year I bought a little white one with the intention of using it in the window above our front door this year (see pics of house on Christmas). Our real one this year was so pretty and smelled so good.
Only thing is, our vacum was at the repair shop when we brought it in, so little needles that sprayed everywhere were to be vacumed up with little dirt devil...

The tree in the living room is decorated with our modge podge assortment of ornaments that we have collected, received or made over the last 17 years.
Next year we will add a black tree (per Tuck's request this year) and decorate it with all college sports ornaments.

Our Angel is always leaning...we call it a tradition now!

Love my Poinsetta!

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