Sunday, January 31, 2010

Officially BASEBALL Season!!

Friday, January 28th was the first official day of High School Baseball.
B was looking forward to practice but, it was raining, of coursed!
Saturday they actually got to go out to the new field and remove the tarps. It was too wet to practice on the field so the teams went in to the gym and field house to throw and pitch.
He is excited to be back in the game, but he's not actually doing much right now.
Last week at practice he was going for a ball and ran into the chain link fence and sprained his ring finger on his LEFT HAND. He is taking it easy right now and getting it wrapped every morning by the trainer. The trainer seems pretty confident it is getting better. I hope so. You just never know if you should take them to the Dr. or not! The cold weather isn't helping much. His finger is stiff and sore when he is outside.
But hey, it's BASEBALL SEASON!

We signed up for outdoor soccer on Saturday, so it won't be long till SOCCER SEASON!

Have a great day!
Hugs, K

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